The SFV Sound Thread: Complete Auditory Experience Edition

So what are your thoughts about the current SFV sounds? I am referring to more than the music, but the hit sounds, voice acting, special sounds, etc.

Some of the hit/block sounds are too loud and sound very wooden IMO.

I think the voice acting is perfect so far. Charlie, Adult Cammy, Bison, everyone sounds appropriate and really into it.

I think the lack of an announcer really affects the gameplay experience. I’m not sure which direction they are going with the announcer but I hope it is someone who is really excited and maybe even crazy. I think an element of eccentricity goes a long way in making a fighting game announcer stand out. I like the new Killer Instinct’s announcer and Alpha 3’s personally. I did not like SF4’s announcer and I’m okay with SF3’s announcer.

The music has been very hit or miss also. China bad, London good. CS bad. But all the trailer music so far has been excellent, including the music used in the recent Cammy and Birdie reveal trailer - So hype! Wish the stage music was as good as the music in the trailers.

really like the sound design so far

its so crisp and powerful

I’m sure they will add all that stuff later.

What I want is the what looks to be the main theme of SF5. The one that was also in the battle system trailer.

That track is dope. Everything else is kind of meh. Especially after the match ends. The fanfare or whatever sounds like a crappy RPG after you win a battle.

Some of the sounds like trigger/super are really crisp yes. My favorite is the sound when 2 projectiles cancel each other out. It’s a nice touch.

Voices - love them, great acting as usual, really love how you can tell by Chun’s and Cammy’s voices that some time has passed since the previous game and they sound more mature, Birdie sounds like this classical goofball type of character, Nash sounds similar to his Alpha iteration but the voice is a bit deeper too, Ryu sounds like a hardened warrior now, you feel the power in his voice

Hit/block sounds - not quite digging them. I like the dictinction between the type of attack used when blocked though

Music - character select theme feels great, though a bit too heavy on the drums side, but the overall tune sounds nice, I like the guitar-ish direction the game is going so far

Specials - can’t really say yet

I would prefer less ridiculous hit / block SFX, personally. And an announcer of some sort (though SFIV’s wasn’t great). The stage music for the two stages is kinda meh currently, but I’ve got hope.

Ultra’s announcer wasn’t that bad though. Certainly better than Vanilla’s one

The hit and block sounds remind me of the initial sf4 effects, which I got to experience through a sound mod recently. I think they are great! They are definitely loud as hell, but the difference between hit and block is distinct and epic. Once there’s a slider to adjust them up and down, I think we’ll be set. I’m sure there will be tweaks no matter what though, in the coming months.

And I absolutely second a semi-crazy announcer. If they got Greg Irwin back from Alpha 3 I’d be over the moon. I’m sure they won’t, getting an old announcer back hasn’t happened yet to my knowledge (yes, no?), but I think he’d be a great fit for the intensity we’re seeing here.

I’d like to hear the killer instinct announcer in SF5 just for shits and giggles


This is sure a god tier idea

I think progressive metal might be the genre of music that Capcom is going for in SF5.

Fighting is a dance, and dancing is more fun with a beat. I’d love some of the stage music to explore electronic / house beats. Maybe a dance floor club stage for better context.