the sf toys

hey i jus wanted to ask some general questions about the toys…

  1. is there an exact release date to to the toys?

  2. on some websites their selling all of the toys as one bundle,
    will they be in one giant box or invidually boxed?

  3. around what price will they go for (american dollars)?

4 uhhhhm…is 14 too old to get toys…

 .....*cough*and play with them*cough*.....?

by the way im so glad ryu got lipo suction on his lips

what’s up with Cammy’s legs? eww

I’m damn near 21 and I’ll admit…I’ve busted out the GI Joes recently and had a big kung fu brawl. Have fun, don’t care what anyone else thinks. Alot of people probably think we are too old to be reading comics and playing video games too!

oh yeah also i’ve pre-bought the sdcc exc double pack has anyone else got that?

I’m trying to get this dude to pick me up one of them from the convention.

Anybody know where I can get the new figures in the UK as i’ve been buying some of the reasaurus figures off eBay?

Actually isn’t the release date in the US today? I’ve reserved the entire set at Gamestop, but they’ve told me that the figs probably wont be arriving until friday.

We shall see.

yeah i do!

In Google type “epic heroes” and a really good english toy site is the first option.


check “

SF SDCC figs

My brother just came back from the convention,
The figures look hot! The double pack he got me was Evil Ryu Psycho Vega (M. Bison). Vega is semi-transparent purple. Crazy! Too bad I don’t have a digi cam.

i haven,t seen nun of these figures yet.I will probbaly bye it if it cost cheap and if it looks hot.So ya saying that in gamestop they will also sell the toys?