The scrub asking a scrublisious question. <- awesome word play right there

Ive got this question over here i just cooked up and cant fiqure out.

What is the diffrence in + c.lp + + SB/FK and c.lp + c.lp + + SB/FK
And as well on + s.lp + s.hp and c.lp + s.lp + s.hp
As far as i know they deal pretty much the same dmg, but alot of places that i look for combos say that i should start with and follow up with c.lp. But i find it easier to go from c.lp + c.lp into a combo. So my question is : Is my method of going into a combo bad? And if so what is the diffrence.

no difference maybe you’ll just catch someone not blocking low with the

i’m pretty sure it’s the general rule of thumb for all characters who can combo from their crouching short in sf4. bison and sagat in particular can blow up people trying to back dash out of their string.

I see that makes sense thank you. has more range than c. lp.

you can also crouch tech (down + lp + lk) which will give you the cr. lk for that added measure of security. :wink:

and i believe has less push back

yes. The crouching tech is a life saver. Even if they block you build meter and push them to a safe distance with a boom combo.