The Science Fiction Thread

most of the 80s and early 90s sci-fi stuff was like that. Like Robo Cop 1 and 2. And Escape from LA, Mad Max road warrior, Mad Max beyond thunder dome.

Im going to finish my book one day. Its about people with unstoppable powers, and they have control over elements and can summon creatures to help them fight. Only way they can die is if their hand gets cut off with the symbol on it

Favorites in order

Dark City

Inb4 inevitable douchebag “lol religion” post.

Blade Runner. That seems to fit too.

There’s a ton of anime too that currently escapes me. Obvious ones like Ghost in the Shell, Akira. I’m not sure if Venus Wars fits. Society is pretty rough but the people living on Venus kinda just deal with it but there is an oppressive military and the movie has a great gritty look to it.

For gaming, the REAL Shadowrun pen & paper game setting is pretty gritty. :tup:

Lack of Heinlein is of great concern to this thread.

I really need to read more… Half Price Books, here I come. :tup:

^Likewise. I’ve been chugging through The Hunger Games (it counts as sci fi. I don’t want to hear any bickering about it) and I just came across an article about how people are reading more thanks to e-readers and tablets. I must say that reading is a lot faster and cooler when you aren’t shuffling with pages, getting to use a dictionary instantly, highlighting, and jotting notes where you want to. Not to mention buying a book is painless.

Lazyjosh is right I really want 80s violence. People acting like it’s post-apoc like Road Warrior, but it’s ‘regular’ society in the future. Total Recall, Robocop etc. for example. Blade Runner/Venus Wars is kind of tame. Not looking for gore necessarily, but just hard-boiled disregard for human life. Weird I know.

Well Riddick 3 is coming soon and it’s R-rated

Robo cop movies tame? People got killed a lot in those movies, thats why they were rated R

I have an affinity for the dead tree variety of ledgers, personally. :tup:

No he meant that it wasn’t tame.

What’s the name of that crazy ass book series about some bonkers zombie virus that infects every breathing creature on the planet and is controlled by some demon alien or some shit?

You kinda just made that post yourself since no one was anywhere near that topic.

Personally, I think religion is awesome if used properly in science fiction. Dune is probably the most religious thing I’ve ever read outside of certain philosophies or theologies.

In the name of the current Mafia game theme, I resurect theeeeee:

Currently reading Neal Stephenson’s Quicksilver and I’m loving it. Also, check out my blog for some sci-fi goodness.

What’s everyone else reading/watching/creating along the lines of sci-fi?


I’m reading Kindred by Octavia Butler currently and I’m really engaged.

Just finished re-reading Jonathan Maberry’s Joe Ledger series. Still fucking love it.

See, I’ve never heard of either of these, so I’m going to check them out. cause fuck Amazon.


I’d also recommend Wild Seed by the same author. I’ve read a lot of Octavia and Wild Seed is the best of the ones I’ve read so far.

I ordered those books and hopefully they come in this week. The first Joe Ledger book, what is it Patient Zero? and Kindred. Looking forward to reading them. :tup:

Part two of Blitt’s Journey is up on my blog. Part three will be up on Wednesday.

Oh, and I also ordered a great book from my childhood! Hong on The Range. You guys should check it out. One of my first Sci-fi books ever and definitely my first Cyber-western. :tup: