The Sako. (cs mp > cr hp > cr mk xx HSA). does anyone know how to do it?

cs mp > cr hp > cr mk xx HSA

normally performed with a TKCannon Spike or an EX Cannon Spike (from far) to start.

i’ve seen him do it on punish.

the trick:
I can do this combo.
but i can only do it against Blanka.

the question:
what makes this combo so easy against Blanka?

would the fact that I’m playing SSF4 on an un-patched xbox make a difference?
I’ve been thinking about this all day.

or is it that im just not fast enough?

or is it that it’s a 2 frame link to another 2 frame link and only the japanese can do it?

it doesn’t work on all characters and some characters like ken, Ryu akuma require you to have an initial attack(like tk. strike)

read the sako combo section.

can we just like have people not come in here and click the create thread button everytime a question pops in their heads?

hey sorry guys. there wasn’t a thread titled “how to do the sako combo” so i figured i’d ask.
i’ll look harder next time.

it’s called character specific and good execution.

easy on chun/bison/honda/blanka/akuma(only shoto you don’t need the TKCS)/cammy/fei

the rest it’s either more difficult or you need to start with a TKCS.

The way to do the combo is once u do the TKCS u take a small step towards ur opponent then go for the strong ,cr. fierce, cr. forward, SA

Why not use your head and ask in the [already existing] appropriate thread? And just to make it clear, we don’t have threads devoted to a single question.


How many people need to repeat the same thing? No need to re-hassle someone for already apologizing for being corrected. Perhaps you should take your own advice about the use of one’s head?

Break the combo down:

  • CS -> MP should be no problem seeing as it’s a fairly big window
  • Learn Plinking for the links [ -> cr.hp] and [cr.hp ->] and be able to hit them consistantly. You should be able to hit them effortlessly, because if you think your going to be able to solely concentrate on hitting those combos in a match you’re crazy

Pulling the combo off in training mode and in a match are two completely different things, so if you’re just picking up the Sako from nothing i’d go learn the high level BnB variants (basically the same thing just no -> cr.hp link) which are in the combo thread linked and try and get them down first. Transitioning from them is no problem and they work on every character except juri and that’s okay because she’s terrible :slight_smile: (even then the BnB works, it’s just a one frame link you need for the alt sako anyway).

When i learnt them my training mode plan was (all using the 30 times method):
Cr.HP -> Cr.MK
Cr.HP -> Cr.MP
Cr.HP -> St.MP (1 Frame, very tricky but essential)
St.Mp -> Cr.HP
St.Mp -> Cr.HP -> Cr.MK
St.MP -> Cr.HP -> St.MP
Cr.LP -> St.MP

They are all the links you need to know for every high level BnB/Sako combo. If you cannot do them individually, you can’t do them together. Go learn Plinking, hit training mode and master that list (High level BnB first THEN Sako) and it should be no problem. Honestly with average execution and a bit of dedication you can have it implemented into your game in less than a week

edit: Make sure you know what combo works on who and when is the best time to land them (i.e. is the extra damage worth potentially dropping a difficult combo). Once again, combo thread has all the good stuff

I don’t see the point of this combo unless you are going for max damage and a sweep off the c.hp on certain characters. It does less damage and stun than a simple c.hp,, 2-hit h-sa. I can see the point with hit-confirm using and that that move is hella safe.

Why do we use the Sako combo again? I’m not complaining, just trying to understand. It seems like a hell of a lot of work to get less damage for the flash of two hard links.

No, It doesn’t.

Cr. HP, c. mk, RH SA does 267dmg 444 stun.
close St. mp, cr. hp, cr. mk, MK SA does 296 dmg 485 stun. (you can use RH SA on some characters to do more damage)

If u start it with an instant dive kick
dive kick, Cr. HP, c. mk, RH SA does 300 dmg, 506 stun
dive kick -> sako combo does 320 dmg 520 stun.