The Roll Thread. Come inside and prepare to clean house

Hey, folks.
Now, normally, I’m an MvC player, but when I picked up this game, I was really amazed. Even more so when I found out that Roll was a playable character. So, earlier tonight, I took this game for a spin, and I was happy to learn that Roll’s been revamped a lot since her last outing, with a whole lot of tricks to learn.

And so, I’ve created this thread, so that we can learn to make little Roll mop the floor with the competition.

Now, mind you, I’m only going to post what I found out. I’m no expert in this game, but I’m hoping what we discuss here can really lead to some decent strategies being developed. Roll, I believe, has some decent potential here.
By no means is this remotely complete. I’m sure there’s plenty I’m missing out.
Feel free to let me know if I’ve omitted anything.

With that said.


Command List


Water Bucket- :dp::snka:,:snkb: or :snkc:
Roll Swing- :qcf:, any attack button.
**Roll Sweep **- Charge :l:, then tap :r: and any attack button. (Mash button to scrub the floors!)
Roll, Powered Up! (Power Charge) - :qcb: and any attack button.


Life Up! - :qcb: and two attack buttons.
Turbo Sweep- Charge :l:, then tap :r: and any two attack buttons.
Time to Clean House!- :dp: and two attack buttons (Lvl. 3)


  • Water Bucket is a rather curious move. Roll pulls out a bucket and tosses some soapy water at an arc. If it hits an opponent, it’ll stun them, setting them up for a free hit afterwards. If it misses and makes contact with the floor, any opponent stupid enough to walk/dash over it will slip and fall. If you use Power Charge, Roll will send the water flying, but straight towards the opponent. Does fair damage in this instance. This move annoys me a bit in the sense that it sometimes comes out when I don’t want it to. The startup is a bit horrid, so I suggest you do this from a distance. The strength of the attack button pressed determines how far the water will fly. This move can NOT be done in mid-air, but it can OTG, from what I’m told.

-Roll Swing, a.k.a, “Wait. THAT’s a Special Move?!” Roll basically swings with her broom. Nothing too special about it, save for the fact that it can be comboed immediately after a crouching Fierce. If Power Charge is used beforehand and this move connects while your opponent is close to a corner, he/she will bounce off of the wall, and, from there, you can jump and continue to pummel. Note that this is the ONLY move you can perform in mid-air with Roll.

  • Roll Sweep, when done, will make Roll start moving forward, sweeping furiously across the floor. So furiously, in fact, that the broom bursts into flames. Hitting punch will make Roll stop and sweep at the floor in short bursts. This move is utterly useless against a standing opponent, because after a couple of hits, the opponent will get pushed away from the hits and will be able to block or counter. on top of that, doing this move causes Roll to get stuck in the animation for the attack until she’s done. This move is more ideal against an opponent that just hit the floor. You can easily make a 22 hit (33 if power Charge is used) combo off of it, but it does very minor damage. If for nothing else, use this purely for OTG purposes.

-Power Charge allows Roll to add some hits/damage to some of her attacks. Her broom will glow pink during the move, and will last as long as said broom stays pink.

Moves affected include:

  • Fierce Attack (does slightly more damage)
  • Roll Sweep (more hits/damage)
  • Water Bucket (causes stream to fly straight towards enemies, more damage)

Do any of these moves, however, and, hit or miss, Roll will lose the power up. You can do it as much as you like, however.

Life Up!, as it would imply, refills Roll’s life bar by about a fifth. Roll will kneel on the ground, an energy capsule will drop down, and, if it connects, she will regain life. Some things you should note are:

  • The ball refills whoever happens to be beneath it. Do this as part of a Variable combo, and your partner (providing they are a robot/half-robot character according to wolfox) will have his health restored if he/she’s close enough. Do this when an enemy jumps, and, you guessed it…the ball will refill their life instead of yours. However, this only applies if said enemy is a robot character (Mega Man, Roll, Casshan, Gold Lightan and PTX-40) For anyone else that doesn’t fit the bill of being a robot, it’ll hit them for pitiful damage.

  • Roll is vulnerable during the move. Perform a combo or knock the opponent away with a Fierce attack, and do the move before they recover. Better yet, hit them with a Powered Up Roll Swing and cancel into it. It’s the safest way to pull off this move.

  • The ball can also be destroyed completely. Curiously, if Roll is hit before the ball appears, it will never show up. However, if the ball appears and then Roll is hit, it may still fall on her and restore her life. Emphasis on may. If it falls to the floor, it vanishes.

  • The original life bar from the Mega Man games appears when you succeed in doing the move. Neat, eh? :rofl:

Whatever the case, this is Roll’s most useful asset, and, used correctly, can really make a match against Roll unbearable.

Turbo Sweep. Basically, the Roll Sweep, but in turbo. Does a respectable amount of damage, and you should seriously consider using this every opportunity you get. Unlike the standard Roll Sweep, this move can actually hit a standing opponent for the entire duration of the move. Alas, just like Roll Sweep, miss and you’ll be stuck sweeping the floors, a perfect opportunity for your opponent to deck your halls (sorry. Had to get a Christmas joke in there somewhere.) One more thing.

  • If you OTG with this move, especially after cancelling from a Roll Sweep, you will miss with the final swing of Roll’s broom, and your opponent can get up and punish you while Roll is peeking into the horizon. BEWARE.

Time to clean house! If done, Roll will sweep the floor, creating a pillar of fire. If your opponent gets hit by it, their ass will catch on fire (I’m not kidding. It does!), and Roll will attempt to put it out by dumping THE biggest bucket of water on your opponent that you will ever see. Does decent damage, but take note:

  • Cancelling this off of an OTG Roll Sweep (or any attack that’s OTG, for that matter) will only result in Roll pounding the floor even more furiously with her broom, without any significant damage added. No cinematic, even. Despite that, you will still lose the 3 levels. This SUCKS.


  • Air :snkc: has decent priority, use it as often as you can when you jump in or when an opponent attempts to jump in. Not like you have a choice anyway, since NONE of Roll’s standard special moves seem to work in mid-air, except for Roll Swing.

  • Roll’s forte is NOT Aerial Raves. For some reason, I can’t seem to chain DF +:snkc: off of :snka: or :snkb: with Roll, which makes nailing the launcher that much trickier. If you can get it, milk it for all its worth, but don’t rely on that too much to win matches.

  • Roll’s forte IS Low Attack mix-ups. Aim for the shins when going all out, mix it up with a swat from Roll’s broom or a jumping :snkc: if your opponent anticipates a low attack. When knocked down, immediately follow with a Roll Sweep.

  • Keep Roll charged. If openings present themselves, do yourself a favour and make the most of it, since many of Roll’s attacks are more useful that way.

  • A powered up Roll Swing causes your opponent to wall bounce. With that in mind, it’s also the safest way to set up a Life Up!, providing you immediately cancel into it as soon as you hit the enemy.

  • Roll’s Air Dash is VERY fast. If you need to get away, use that to your advantage.

  • Use Life Up! only when you’re sure your opponent cannot counter, or it won’t be worth it. Try swatting them away with your broom, tripping them up with Water Bucket or D+:snkc:, or cancelled after Roll Sweep.

  • (With Mega Man Trigger as her partner), If Roll is healing and your opponent attempts to attack her, cancel it into the Hyper Drill Upper, which does a lot of damage and has some nifty priority and range attached to it.)

  • InterimofZeal reports that an OTG Roll Sweep can not be Mega Crash’d. Keep this in mind whenever your opponent is knocked down.


  1. :snka:,:snka:,:snkb:, D+:snkc:, Roll Sweep
  2. If Water Bucket stuns, Launcher, :snka:,:snka:,:snkb:,:snkc:
  3. Overhead :snkc:, Combo #1 XX Life Up! (somewhat safe, but have an extra meter on hand to cancel just in case!)
  4. :snka:,:snka:,:snkb:, VERY QUICKLY perform Time to Clean!
  5. Power Charge, Combo #1 (mash Fierce until you hit 30 hits) xx Turbo Sweep (warning, very punishable.)
  6. :snka:,:snka:,:snkb:, Turbo Sweep.
  7. :snka:,:snka:,:snkb:, D+:snkc:, Roll Swing
  8. With opponent close to corner, Combo #7, dash, jump up and :snka:,:snka:,:snkb:, :snkc:
  9. :snka:,:snka:, D+ :snkb: XX Turbo Roll Sweep


See this post by Interim of Zeal.

  1. (Opponent NOT in corner)Power Up!,:r:,:r:, :snka:,:snka:,:snka:,:snka:,(Baroque),:snka:, :snka:,(Charge :l:):d:+:snkb:,:d::snkc:, Roll Sweep (Drag for 22 hits, mash until counter reads 55) xx Turbo Roll Sweep (70 Hits)

  2. (Opponent near corner) Power Up!, :snka:,:snkb:,:d::snkc:, Roll Swing. As opponent bounces off of wall, :dp::2p: (must have three levels.)


Another thing I should have noted about Roll Sweep is that if she’s standing still and scrubbing the floor (after a whiff), if your opponent attempts to rush towards Roll from behind (God, that sounds wrong), the broom handle will hit them.

Also, some more data about Roll Sweep.

  • You have two options when you start this move. You can either let Roll move across the floor (this you do by leaving the D-Pad idle) OR, you can start scrubbing the floors (this you do by mashing any attack button.)

  • If you choose to let Roll coast along the floor, keep in mind that there’s a certain hit limit before you’re unable to mash for the floor scrub.

  • If you choose to mash for the Floor Scrub, the number of hits will depend on how quickly you mash, how long you’ve allowed Roll to drag her broom along the floor, and also whether or not you’ve used Roll, Powered Up! Here’s what I got on a few fights, without cancelling into anything else.

Uncharged - 23 hits
Charged - 38 hits
Charged + Allowed Roll to drag mop for a while - 48 hits.

  • Scrubbing the floor also builds meter like a MOTHER, but only if it hits. If Roll’s idly scrubbing bare carpet, you get a grand total of ZERO meter buildup.

With that said, the most number of hits I’ve managed to get off of Roll in any combo I use is 64 hits. This is how I did it. (WARNING: I’m using a bit of improvisation here, so I might be off. Try this yourself and see if you can pull it off.)

Power Up,:snka:,:snka:, :d:+:snkb:, :d:+:snkc:, Roll Sweep (drag for about 12 hits), mash for Floor Scrub (until Hit Counter reads 49), XX Turbo Roll Sweep.

It does respectable damage, although I find her simpler combos way more effective for ending a match quickly. In particular:

:snka:,:snka:, :d:+:snkb:, Turbo Roll Sweep

…does a LOT of damage, and you can easily DHC afterwards.

Also, for the lulz, try this combo.

(Opponent in corner) Power Up,:snka:,:snka:, :d:+:snkb:, :d:+:snkc:, Roll Swing XX Life Up!

6 hits, but it’s rather funny.
Do NOT try this on the following:

  • Mega Man Trigger
  • Casshern
  • Roll

…it won’t work anyway on the giants, so they’re not listed.

Peace out, folks.

Water Bucket can hit OTG

You forgot her Super ‘Roll Sweep Turbo’
:l: Charged :r: , Two buttons.

Here’s her theme song

Roll’s Life Up super does NOT heal enemies but damage them… UNLESS you are fighting the giants!

Roll’s Power Charged Broom Swing attack causes wall bounce when it hits.

It is possible to do a light Roll Sweep off of standing :snka:, :snkc:

I usually do that if I can land an airdash + :snka:

Roll Sweep is an easy hit confirm in to her attacking supers.

I have seen instances where the orb knocks away the opponent, but I have also seen several where it heals them, also. I remember fighting Yatterman last night, and I was taking some serious damage, so I did the Life Up super, only to have him jump right over me and steal it, patching himself up.

However, I’ll play again later tonight just to make sure.

Anyway, thanks for the tips, guys. I’ll be sure to add them to the main article so everyone can see them in context with the main guide.

does the puddle on the ground hit low?

I’m not 100% certain, but, seeing as how your opponent has to basically walk over it to get tripped up by the puddle in the first place, I’d have to assume yes.

Anyone come up with some new tricks? Her basic BnB does 11k, shore enuff, but I was hoping for some gimmicks/flashy antics.

You can cancel her dash with a jab, then go straight into throw. She floats just long enough that you can whiff and land the grab, effectively allowing her to grab from her dash.

C’mon, people!

EDIT: Fine, you guys wanna be lame, I’ll contribute. Y means any button

Chargeless Roll BnB:

2a, 2b, 2c, 214y

With Charge, Midscreen BnB:

1a, 1b, 1c, 4c, mash c once combo counter reads around 15 - does around 11.4k

With Charge, 1 Super Midscreen BnB:

2a,2b,2c,236axx 214b+c - 7k damage, recovers health with slight advantage

With Charge, 1 Super Midscreen Finisher:

1a, 1b, 1c, 4c, mash c once combo counter reads around 15, cancel into turbo sweep super at 30 hits - 17.9k

With Charge, Corner BnB:

2a, 2b, 2c, 236a, launcher, ja,b,b, jb (begin holding 4),c [land] 6c, mash c after 5 hits - does 15k+

With Charge and 1 Super, corner:

2a, 2b, 2c, 236a, launcher, ja,b,b, jb (begin holding 4),c [land] 6c, mash c after 5 hits while holding back, cancel into Turbo Sweep around 27 hits - 22k

With Charge and 2 Super:

Same as above, but switch in partner just before Turbo Sweep finishes with a safe-on-block super, since OTG Turbo is unsafe.

With Roll as Souki’s Partner, 2 super bars:

abc, 6c, ab, 236a+b, cancel after 21st hit into 214a+b super - 17k damage, heal Roll

abc, 6c, 236a+b, cancel near mid-fall Turbo Sweep super - 24k damage, slight advantage

abc, 6c, 236a+b, cancel near ground into OTG Turbo Sweep super - 25k damage, disadvantage (use to finish)

With Roll as Souki’s Partner, 3 super bars:

abc, 6c, 236a+b, cancel near mid-fall Turbo Sweep super, cancel into 236a+b super - 28-30k damage

I don’t baroque with her much, but if you really want to, you can do this as a corner combo:

With Charge, 1 super Meter, 10%red

2a,2b,5c BAROQUE 2a,2b,2c,236a, launcher, ja,b,b, jb (start charge back), c (make sure you start and cancel the second jump quickly, so that you’re underneath the other player when jC happens) [land] forward+c (start charge), mash C after 7 hits, forward a+b

Does 22k damage, all by its lonesome. Yaaaaaaaaaay.

Since the Heal super doesn’t tack on to red health, theoretically, Roll should be abusing the hell out of Baroque. You can probably use it to make any heal super combo better.


2a,2b,5c BAROQUE, 2a,2b,2c,236a xx 214a+b - 9465 damage, heals Roll

So yeah, can someone aside from me mess around with Roll? I still can’t think of anything good offa her overhead (6b).

EDIT 2: Found a new BnB for her, I’ll post it once I get the new damage number recorded.


A nice match with Roll and and Ken vs Ippatsuman and Jun. Roll steals the show with her fancy level3 super finish.

I believe the end of her charge super is actually unblockable.

I want to add alot more to this thread but I’m waiting until I have people to actually test stuff on.


If you mean Turbo Roll Sweep, it’s very much blockable.

By the way…if I might ask, what’s with this numbering system crap for the D-Pad Buttons? Call me old fashioned, but I prefer having arrows showing me the directions for everything. Not numbers. Numbers are for attacks, damn it.

Still, thanks for the input. I’ll be sure to add 'em in later. :wgrin:

I’m too lazy to take and post the arrows. Numbers are easier for me.

Also, Roll’s extended BnB is 2a,2a,5b,2b,5c,2c, OTG c Sweep, mash C. Does about 9.5k uncharged, and 14k charged. Only problem is being deep enough to do it. Otherwise, you can just stick with my old combos.

More combos and possibly a video within the next week. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Argh. I’ve noticed a little annoyance with Roll while playing with her.

Maybe it’s just my thumbs needing to adjust, but sometimes, when I attempt to use Roll Sweep (especially while sweeping with down +:snkc:), I end up getting Roll Swing instead. It’s seriously annoying to try to setup her Turbo Roll Sweep combo while fully charged only to waste it on an unintentional Roll Swing. Geez. Anyone else getting this problem?

You are old fashioned, it’s 2009 at this point, most everything now is described using the number pad notation.

But you can keep using what you want, doesn’t really matter~

Sweeping with the broom where you mash for more hits is a damn good time killer. I lost to time outs earlier because the roll player had marginally more life and was just sweeping away so I couldn’t get out. Damn hit stun. Damn lack of meter for mega crash.

You can’t burst outta OTG broom sweep.



Also, vids coming soon?

I’ll see about recording some combos today, as well as (maybe) some matches. I’m currently playing with a 4 year old $40 dollar hori for NGC, so randomly I’ll drop basic things like abc just because A or B don’t register. D:

Converter is shipping in SOMETIME, lololol.


Seriously, try it. You can’t Mega Crash outta OTG broom sweep, which makes it the bestest way ever to finish off a low health opponent. 2a2b2c charged sweep xx turbo sweep does like… 18k after guts and all that kicks in. Keep that shiz in mind. :D!

Hey, that’s awesome. Add’d.

I can pretty much confirm it now.

Only “robot” characters can be healed by Roll’s healing super. That means only foe Roll, Rock, Lightan, and PTX (I haven’t tested it on Casshern) can “steal” your healing.

Same reason on how Lightan’s Gold Crash looks different on the robot characters.