The Road To T5 - 1st Stage Results (CvS2, MvC2, 3S, GGXX)

I’m missing 3rd Strike results (who has the brackets?).

Guilty Gear XX (11 Entrants)
1st X-Sapphire (chipp)
2nd Rock2k2 (johnny)
3rd Tidus (dizzly/sol/johnny)
4th -K2- (may/jam)
5th DarkDragon (baiken/testament)
5th YellowS4(potemkin)
7th Fadi (slayer)
7th Pui (anji/axl)
9th Mike (sol)
9th Lun (faust)
9th Anthony(ky/testament)

Marvel vs Capcom 2 (19 Entrants)
1st - Jiggabry
2nd - Gerjay 2001
3rd - ROC
4th - Omni Dragon
5th - Ratio1beatdown
5th - White R
7th - G3nn
7th - EX Matt
9th - DaflipmastaXV
9th - Crayz Penguin
9th - Fobguy
9th - Dennis Wong
13th - Nagata Lock II
13th - Mohammed
13th - Ultra Random Black Guy
13th - James
17th - Jiko Rocker
17th - Mike C
17th - NWFA

Capcom Vs SNK 2 (19 Entrants)
1st - Ratio1beatdown
2nd - Omni Dragon
3rd - Arcade Legend
4th - Shadowfighta
5th - Nagata Lock II
5th - C Royd
7th - Dennis Wong
7th - Jason Ma
9th - YellowS4
9th - EX Matt
9th - XXL
9th - Gerjay 2001
13th - Jiggabry
13th - DaflipmastaXV
13th - RPGv2
13th - Chono
17th - L.S.D.
17th - VeggieBob
17th - Jikorocker

GG’s to everyone today. I hope to see everyone at 2nd Stage in two weeks. :slight_smile:

Ultra random towel thief owns, too bad he couldn’t come

here u go jeebus:
if u want a different sprite np

3s results

blahblahblah, 3s results… 16entrants

Mike C - Ken?
Ian (arcade legend) - akuma/ryu
Sam - akuma/yun
James - ryu/ken

Mike - remy
Marwa (chachaman) - oro
Patrick - akuma?
Dan - yun

Louie - yun/makoto
Antoine (aneurysmx) - dudley and…yun?

Wei - yun
Chris - akuma

Adam (adamb) - ryu/ken

Burton - ryu/urien

Ben (nech_neb) - urien

Jay (yellows4) - ryu/dudley

We didn’t finish the tournament cos they shutoff the power for UN as I was up 3-1 in the first set of the finals…
anyways, gg’s everyone

Jay used his ex Orbit staff power to turn the power off!!

Jack is back!

Marvel was pretty boring, only good games were Jigga vs James, most of R1bd’s games and Random Black.

g3nn came 7th in his 1st tournament but lost me nuff money in the process.

Dont know to much about cvs2 but matt and gerjay always place higher than curt in those sauga/bramtown tournaments, I think one of them should have gotten a bye followed by a match vs ali baba. I’m jus sayin tho.

Ian turtles in rock paper scissors.

I blame everything I fucked up to you yelling “DONT FUCK UP!!!” right as I’m doing it.

Clayton (pointing to ROC’s bandana, talking to Fuzz with his new shaved head): "you need one of these"
XXL: “what, a slave?”

are you the dudley that had the big headphones and parrying everything during ECC9 Casuals?

I remember that dude [im thinking you] parrying Ken’s super - and cross countering the hit right before he goes into the air.

That was awesome.

Yes, thats me

who were you?

stop pretending jay, you can’t parry more then 2 hits in a row!

oh i was using Oro - pretty sure the only one besides the two rounds FlashG played using Oro.

good luck at Evo if you go you’re by far the best Dudley player I’ve seen. Of course I’ve not seen to much.

Shitty tournaments and shitty sticks.

Boycott T5.

GG’s everyone…congrats. to Jay!

and FUCK Orbit sicks…FUCK EM!!!

GG’s to everyone

Jay beasted today

and congrats to Chachaman who won his first match ever in a 3s tourney… way to go kiddo!!

WTF jack didn’t win marvel?!?! UNBELIEVABLE!

ROC: wut happend to ur ironman training? i see ur brain isn’t as good as mine eh?

damn u guys let sauga won again?! u guys are lucky i missed my plane, or else i woulda came and owned all of u…

x-sapphire: congrats on winning GGXX again :slight_smile:
but i hope u realize my student pui and antony are just sandbagging against u guys, they’re gonna win it in T5, where it REALLY counts.

Ian: LAST PLACE in 3S, kinda sad eh? :lol:

R1beatdown: 5th place in MvC2?!?! notta bad!

WAH! vive le CHINA!

OMG XXL aka best SF player in Canada was there?!?!
and he didn’t win?!?! UNBELIEVABLE!!

ok now i believe Ex matt, it’s jap sticks!

therefore i will boycott T5

be like me and beast in sauga :lol:

chachaman beasts in woodbine now. I’m serious

Chachaman has the most random Oro ever

After Ian whiffed a dragon punch with pretty much no life left

Chris : howcome he didnt finish him off??

Me : cuz he’s random

i know!!who did he lost to??

yeah it was a whack tourney, i still cant deal with orbit sticks, im also considering boycotting t5 but will probably come to just chill with the players and get mashed.
gg’s all and hope to see u at t5

they dont allow alcoholic beverages inside orbit do they?

someone should tell this guy that ken doesnt go into the air.

–edit: I got scammed vs omnidragon because my strong punch got stuck. But Dennis Kim beat me fair and square…about fucken time.