The Rival Schools Thread

For all those who love rival schools,
I myself, grew up playing this game, smashing buttons like a bitch, and its the type of game which is great fun with a group of friends, and doesn’t get boring, it definetely deserves a sequal, i couldnt find a thread for this game on SRK, so if theres anything you wanna discuss about it, here is the place!

Rival Schools has a sequel. It’s called Project Justice.

Definitely though my favorite Capcom fighter. It’s too bad no one around here I know play it.

Great series, not that many players though I think. It’s definitely a more casual one (as opposed to the competitiveness of SF), as it’s really turtle friendly (no block damage) and simplistic/skewed at high level.

Here’s the big thread from last year:

Was surprised to find some comp at one mall here the other week (RS). A few good cabs of that left here… sadly the PJ ones aren’t doing so well. Will go for a writeup when I play again.

I never really dabbled in RS too much, but when I did play it… I liked the Ryu/Akuma Teacher, I think his name is Hideo and the Jock, Roy… Still trying to figure out what he says during supers… “Big Town?”, “Get Down” “The END!” He was like a buff Ken spin-off…

Also, Ken’s version of Sakura, Hinata was pretty nice, matched with the Baseball Guy Shoma… Loved his damn Tag Team attacks, Volleyball serve-up into Grandslam… My God the memories…

I Say Capcom Emulate THAT for Consoles, along with Capcom’s version of Smash Bros. Power Stone…

Man I remember that thread. Lots of Nagrae and Momo talk… -__-

Love the series and glad to see the thread.

Chairperson is fun as hell to play as for the Tornado DDT’s alone.

Robert, Nagrae, Hintana, Daigo, Hayato and Chairperson is who I usually play as…

Its a shame really, it wasnt released in the UK so i never got to buy it :frowning:

Yeah, Roy is basically a young teenage Terry Bogard with some Ken mixed in. :rofl:

They made a Power Stone compilation for PSP… no word on what they’ll do for the other fighting game series.

The DC Project Justice game was released in UK; the PAL version is said to be the most fixed version of the game.


I hope they make a 3, the first 2 were pretty fun and not that complicated

is the first one better than the 2nd? I never really liked part 2

Rivals schools is the bomb, such a fun game, the music was ace the story, the intro and ending animations were amazing. It was hard as hell when you were young and knew nothing of execution, timing or rushing the shit down. Still fun to play these days tho, at uni and downloaded for use with a playstation 1 emulator (i own the game so its all cool :slight_smile: )

A third would be really welcomed, we need to rally people who want this together lol. come on capcom

Well, I guess in the XSF sense, where Tiffany and some other characters are stronger, and everyone can be cheap if given the chance. Project Justice definitely feels like a totally different engine. It fixed some issues RS had (e.g. :lk:, :lk: spam and the ability to break team-ups) but introduced problems of its own.

Honestly I think its stupid to look at this series at a serious mindset, the engine just doesn’t support it. Like 4neqs said if its taken to that level it honestly gets kinda stupid and IMO just not fun.

Stick it to casuals and everything will be fine. Honestly the tardy counter system is dumb in many respects and is waaay worse than red parrying or guard cancel in SvC chaos. Like I said, a casual game meant to keep the action going.

Rival Schools is pretty amazing, and I’d love a sequel to come out. I made a suggestion on the Capcom Unity suggestion box, and Seth said they do read top posts in there. So make sure to check it out and vote for it, even if they are just talking about it, that’s at least a start!

I enjoy rival school it has a great story behind it all, you get to choose players from different schools and the burning virgo and party moves where always a join to unleash on opponents my main time is batsu, Akira helmet, Tiffany and I mess with kyosuke sometime project justice was really fun to I like how you can knock you opponent into objects and piggy amusement park was my favorite stage and theme in the game I agree capcom should make a 3rd game this truly was a really good 3d fighter and would love to find other players someday :slight_smile:

Would anyone start a group of online Project justice player?

It exists now: