The REAL Fayetteville Results! 12/11

Overall I feel that the tournament went very smoothly. Hopefully everyone had as much fun as I did, thanks for coming out. Videos should HOPEFULLY be released on our site before the end of the week on I will definitely make sure to post up when it happens. On with the results…


  1. James Dostie(K-Sagat,Bison,Blanka)
  2. Kevin Michael(A-Kyo,Ryu/Akuma,Sagat)
  3. Lucious(K-Rock,Kyo,Geese / Yamazaki,Rugal,Geese)
  4. Wayne Crosby
  5. Antwan
  6. Lamont Prince
  7. Tudy
  8. James Brenner
  9. David Haney
  10. Ragin Cloud
  11. Ancient One
  12. Daniel Hair

MvC2: I don’t exactly remember the teams used… Sorry

  1. Dee Boggess
  2. Shaun Banks
  3. James Dostie
  4. L. Khiev
  5. Bryan Codd
  6. Eddie Hoyt
  7. Lucious
  8. TJ
  9. Rod


  1. James Brenner(Urien)
  2. P-Soul(Elena)
  3. David Haney(Alex)
  4. Alex Roski
  5. Eddie Hoyt
  6. Kevin Michael
  7. L. Khiev
  8. Dave
  9. Tudy
  10. James Dostie
  11. Nicolas F.
  12. Ecko
  13. Mike Ku
  14. Alex Chao

Tekken 5:

  1. Shin Godfist(Kazuya)
  2. Shawn Gladden(Feng)
  3. James Brenner(Kazuya)
  4. OTB
  5. Antwan
  6. Ragin Cloud
  7. James Dostie
  8. Jay Omega
  9. Faulcnor

An Elaena placed 2nd ???
Good job too James holding it down w/Urien.
I miss playing you NC people since MB closed and all

Good job to Dee and Shaun…still playing Marvel I see


Fuck…I shoulda came instead of sleeping…none of TZ showed up for T5. I might have actually done ok =’(

Grats to placers though. :tup:

Good job ShinGodFist and P-soul, and to all who came!!!

Keep supporting the fighters!!! :tup:

Wish I could have seen dee and shaun play.

Had a lot of fun with this one, 0-2 performance notwithstanding. Great seeing everybody; the tourney went relatively quickly, and the restaurant afterwards was very good.

Lots of nice lookin’ ladies to look at around the mall didn’t hurt, either. :clap:

Congrats to the winners… shoutout to Triangular Joseph on T5 and P-Soul on 3S Elena (wow). Couldn’t quite take Jive down (props to you too, man), but very impressive.

James D. & Kevin run CvS2, what can I say? And good job on Marvel too James, you clearly understand the game now and had a very good showing. Our mirror match was fun too.

Dee & Shaun 1st and 2nd in Marvel… and the sky is still blue… :rofl: I’ll try to come down more often for some play with the Fayetteville locals, which was fun.

Everybody was chill; nice atmosphere. I think this tourney was 100% NC… Richmond and Augusta had events this weekend too. Hopefully things will be staggered a little next time and we can actually make each others tourneys maybe.

Hold it down, y’all…

ggs all, sorry I couldn’t stay for casuals and possible money games, was too tired. Gotta hate 3rd shift jobs, obviously I don’t have my priorities straight :smiley: Maybe I’ll make it past the first round next time.

Where the hell is the Charlotte 3S crew when you need em to rep? the magic carpet must have broken down.

great showing from the Fay area marvel players.

Eddie was doing it up with Mag/Cable/Sent, good squad, same team i used in the grand finals against shaun.
TJ, your Storm is on point, work on her alittle more and you’ll have nasty Storm teams.
Bryan, very solid, your style gameplay was a bitch to adapt to.
James, congrats on third, we cannot have enough JUGG players!

I also watched some high level CvS2 matches that made me feel fuzzy on the inside.

Shingodfist: MONSTER, considering his 1 day practice for T5.

What the fuck can I say, James.D good matches you gotta put our last match up soon so that I can pull my hair out :sad: .

Kevin you must have ESP or some shit …cause I ain’t never been locked down like that…( :wow: I feel ya Jive I did the same thing and just gave up the stick…)

:karate: Lu…Lu…Lu…next time play Sagat/Blanka and win the whole fucking tournament!!! :karate:

Tudy has improved expotentialy since the last time I saw him play. :tup:

Antwan has improved considerably well also…good Haomaru shit guy. :tup:

:xeye:Lamont wasn’t there yesterday,I consider myself LUCKY beating a player of his calibur 2 sets straight :xeye: .

Raging Cloud alot of the guys whose names shall remain anynomus were kinda joking on your less than stellar 1st tourney apperance in N.C.(Of course due to your flamboyant statements regarding your skill level.)
I saw some of the characters you played with…trust me Kim vs. Blanka
sucks…I know personaly. (Tied for last nontheless…good job keep it up.) :china:

Dee/Shawn…good shit as usual…fucking cheezzerzzz. :arazz:

Yeah gg to every one that I played at the tourney.I had fun but going to that arcade made me miss the mind boggle in charlotte :sad: .Hopeful I will be able to come to the next tourney or even come one day just to play for fun.James don’t know the guy but his urien pretty good and james hugo is good also. The mall was okay and the people were nice even the people in the arcade.There was a little complaining :lame: but everyone gets mad sometimes.

DAmn i wish i could have made this, but money is tight ,and ya know how tat shit it. Damn i think this is probably the first tourney i have missed since iv started the tourney sceen :frowning:

wish me and the rest of the charlotte crew could’ve made it. i had to work and so did a couple of others and exams are coming up this week…sorry to say that school comes before games this time of year. hopefully you guys will host another tournament up there soon.

alex roski…4th? you disappoint me!! hahaa just kidding man. competition must’ve been tough.

Damn, good shit y’all. Awesome shit Joey for taking home a tourney for the Bull City :smiley: And congrats to everyone that placed especially Lu and James(in MvC2) :wow: I really wish I could have made it. Sounded like a blast and I would have loved to get some good games in(been a while).

Peace y’all.

Hell yeah ya’ll, had a blast.

Good games to everybody, seems like everyone else had fun as well. And I owe a handshake to whose ever idea it was to eat at the Sandpiper afterwards.

-As far as 3s, good shit to everyone. It always seems like there’s a few new faces who suprise you. I really feel like I shouldn’t have lost my first match, but Dave just beat my ass. It’s definately not a knock, it’s a pride thing :stuck_out_tongue: Congrats.

-Jive, upward jump defense!..and zoning, and parry. Good matches in casual. Congratulations.

-Psoul reppin the low to the fullest! I heard some saying “random” and not showing respect. I heard others saying “random” and showing respect. Aside, this “random” got 2nd place, which means he only lost to one person. I’ve been helping this man train and there is definately a method to this so-called “random”. No matter what, good shit Phil.

-zensokujoey - Jive sent me home, so it eases the pain a bit :slight_smile: Charlotte better come out in Feb.

Marvel was fun as hell to watch, as was some TENSE CVS2, and some ShingGodFistTriangularJoseph beasting. Congratulations to all.

grats to all the winners. sorry I couldn’t make it but I’d already put in a lot of road time that weekend and had the Panthers game on sunday.

hopefully I can make the next one around.

Phillip, good shit dawg. I walked away with alot more respect for Elena. Good matches.

Alex Roski, you bastard. That cross under trickery. :lol: Your Makoto looks to be a serious threat. You know your shit. Urien and Makoto make good rivalry matches. Maybe we’ll meet again next tourny?

James Dostie. You beast!!! That was the hardest fight I had in Tekken, EVER!

Jive Out!

I know!!! :badboy:

Jive, whatup. That Urien is too fucking difficult to get in on, good shit. My execution is still coming up and I’ve got a couple things to work out, but I appreciate it. I’d like to see all you guys come out to Gamefrog in feb(even though I know console’s not exactly yalls thing). Mak vs Urien is usually a damn good matchup… :tup:

Good shit James and Kevin for waxin me in CvS2. I’m gonna work on my teams some more. Hopefully I can give y’all more or a challenge next time. I’m still mad at Duckin fierce xx nothing against you Kevin. I will learn to fight sagat. To this day he is still the only character that I fear in CvS2. Good shit Phillip. Elena wins!

seriously, aside from taking cvs2…
good job for getting top 3 in marvel. good shit. :clap:

you will learn to respect Empire Arcadia though, ho. :smokin:
hehe. oh i picked up a digital camcorder(i went out of town to dc), so i will be taping some of the next tournament whenever that is.

i’ll holla at you on aim.