The Real Evo West

**Starts this friday when G-$$$ gets to FFA! Signups at 8 PM!

I will try to be there

want to carpool?


More like EVOWorst.

Take that G$$$.

By the way, I miss you too.

Vic ruins Evo yet again!

alright i’m coming to pick you up right now.

tournament was too much fun

thanks for running it

evo west continues tomorrow, I showed up way to late to run the tourny tonight but I will fo sho get it crackin tomorrow! tournament sign ups start at 8

Man that shit sucked, the only good thing about friday night at ffa was watching Dark Prince vs. Combofiend first to 10. It’s all good though G-money just get it together next time…

uh if people will show up tonight i’ll go. MAYBE

ggs to everyone.

gg’s. Don’t beast so hard on me next time :sweat:

shut up nues

Sorry about that. =(

We should go again tommorow for the tourney. I had such great practice.

WHo won the first to 10??

Dark Prince 10-6 or 10-7