The Rap Thread: News, Reviews, Rants & Opinions: Volume 10 : Speak up young man, we can't understand your mumbling!

Here is the new thread. I basically copied and pasted the OG Koop’s rules from the last thread.

1)Discuss rap news, album reviews, etc. all on this thread. BASICALLY EVERYTHING DEALING WITH THE GENRE OF HIP HOP

2)No more of this some crew vs. some crew shit either.

3)No posting links to any file downloads. Use AIM or PM’s in order to communicate that.

4)DO NOT POST THE WHOLE ARTICLES. Post the link to the article.

5)Hold respectable argument. Do not flame someone cause they like a particular group. State your disagreement.

  1. New comers… Please understand MAJORITY of the older members know a significant amount of knowledge or may have discussed a particular topic. Try to go ‘with the flow’ as discussing the topic at hand. Trust me, this topics change constantly.

  2. New comers pt. 2. Please do not come into the thread asking who listens to a particular artist or what you think is the greatest. It will get you no where. watch the thread. We not only have musicians/industry insiders/album reviewers but people who listen to a BROAD range of music in rap (underground, midwest, west coast, east coast, down south, international) .

Use your fucking heads.

Enjoy the new thread my homeboys!!!

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Bout time this thread was reopened.

Since it’s Flashback Friday, here is my contribution…


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postmalone new album dropped today.
didnt get to hear much. just a few songs.
my opinion from the very little that i heard:
meh. not impressed…not that any songs are bad as just nothing really stands out. nothing with any real catchy hook. still very polished and pro. with his velvety r&b sound.
tho…one song sounded laughably bad. again. i barely heard much of the album. just a opnion not to be taken seriously. but i think im gonna skip buying that album.

I’ve never been a fan. He’d need to bring out an absolute masterpiece to convert me.

Speaking of masterpieces, J Cole’s new album. I can’t speak for the critics but it’s typical full-on lyricism with substance. This time around however you can really dance to a lot of the tracks. Like I’m seriously enjoying it right now. Cole has never been the most stylish rapper but this album flows great.

Right. This is probably the first album in years that I’ve basically liked every song on it. You got a bit of everything you look for in a rap album: a banger or two, some real philosophical shit and a look into that artist’s life. Just wish everyone in the industry could do something like this instead of trying to be Future.

New Royce

New Childish Gambino. I’m actually feeling it.

So this is happening…

Flashback Friday homeboys!!! Who remember this?

So Drake vs Pusha T is a thing that’s happening now. I heard Pusha was mad disrespectful to Drake. LMAO!!

Drakes diss about Pusha and Kanye…

Pusha’s response…

gotta post the original track from the album too.

pusha bout to turn 6god into an atheist.

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If anyone really thought Drake was going to win this one, they were sadly mistaken.

This had me dying LOL


Drake got to fight Pusha. LMAO!!!

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I died when I watched that video. Pusha-T brought up the blackface photo in Infrared. He left that door open and Drake walked in.

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Pusha T when he visited Adonis

— okada. (@_LXRD_) May 30, 2018

Really got Drake in blackface right there too? Pusha going for the jugular, and he said he got more, Surgical Summer we eatin’.


How’d this beef even start in the first place? Is Pusha still warring with Wayne and Drake is in the crossfire or something?