The Rap Thread: News, Reviews, Rants, Opinions Vol 7. Death to Swizz Beats!

**New thread since the old one reached 1000 pages. :wow:

1)Discuss rap news, album reviews, etc. all on this thread. BASICALLY EVERYTHING DEALING WITH THE GENRE OF HIP HOP

2)No more of this some crew vs. some crew shit either.

3)No posting links to any file downloads. Use AIM or PM’s in order to communicate that.

4)DO NOT POST THE WHOLE ARTICLES. Post the link to the aritcle.

5)Hold respectable arguement. Do not flame someone cause they like a particular group. State your disagreement.

  1. New comers… Please understand MAJORITY of the older members know a significant amount of knowledge or may have discussed a particular topic. Try to go ‘with the flow’ as discussing the topic at hand. Trust me, this topics change constantly.

  2. New comers pt. 2. Please do not come into the thread asking who listens to a particular artist or what you think is the greatest. It will get you no where. watch the thread. We not only have musicians/industry insiders/album reviewers but people who listen to a BROAD range of music in rap (underground, midwest, west coast, east coast, down south, international) .

Use your fucking heads.

Thank you
RoninChaos & Koop **

I would have named it:

  • “The Rap Thread: News, Reviews, Rants, Opinions Vol 7. NO we haven’t heard any Wu-Tang”*

Word? New thread?

Let me drop some queens on you niggas domes.


Posting to subscribe. Carry on.

Oh, I see what you’re doin…

The Bay>>>>>

From Too Short’s Retirement album aka his 10th album (out of 17 :lol:)


that is all.

Damn this is like walking in a brand new house… empty as hell and odd feeling. In any case RZA is nowhere near as shady as P.Diddy, that nigga has ended more careers than enough. Like have you heard from Day 26 that group he so-called made last year… was the name picked because that was how long they had until P. Diddy fired their asses and take all of the money they made.

Diddy: Ayo wash my boxers wit the doodoo in the middle

Day26: Why we gotta do that?

Diddy: You know what happens if you dont right… its Bad Boy records nigga. Well actually you know what fuck it, Im shuttin the studio down.

EDIT: Here’s a track from whatever the fuck my states called(isnt it Hustler’s Paradise or something like that)


nah nigga…


I don’t give a fuck about my roof that much
so I put it in the trunk and the coup sped up
Take the chopper out the trunk
And just shoot that up

Had to make a Wayne quote on the first page of the new Rap thread.

any news on Villa Manifesto LP not the EP that just came out? Elzhi on Dope Man is…wow…

queens all day.

anyway, um…hi. nothing to add at the moment, lol. hopefully fab’s tape releases sometime soon.


LA >>>>

Can someone hook me up with Joe Budden’s Mood Muzik 2?Im mad late on Joe.

yeah it was a good day. but the good days gone man, everythings bad.

Houston >>>>>>[URL=“”][/URLP

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speakin of the group no one knows about

haven’t peeped the whole album. but from what i heard it’s decent

a_keys_touched_srkev? :rofl:

thumbs down the “odom + oj = thurst”…niggas got jokes lol

I can’t front, a part of me likes Nicki so much because sometimes she is just blatant with lesbo action.


for once i actually checked out one of thse joints on nahright featuring nikki minaj…to disastrous results. that cassie & nikki joint is laughably terrible, what’s with her weird ass accent anyway? it’s like a mix between the south and english or something.