The "Pyrolee broke my fighting spirit" thread

pyrolee broke my back and humble’d me, all downhill from there, couldn t recover.
i m still not all here, i m watching myself from space. i m depressed.

pyro wins at life and 3s. my soul was taken.

LOL,yea he is good.

Did he put you in the Camel Clutch?

This topic is sad. You guys make me cry for humanity =[

3s semis > finals

finals were a sleeper.

This match was by far the best match at evo2k6 for 3s. All the shit talking and drama, came down to the last game and a few pixels. Good shit to both players.

I won a match against you in casuals!! I was the kid in the black polo playing ken. :lovin:

is it broken?

ya broken now


AND YA BROKEN!!!?!??!?!?!?

Um its not that serious good match from both sides tho =)

Ken is broken. Yun is random. Makoto is god. Ibuki is a ninja. I like cheese. HRAP sticks break tournaments. Pyro is also god. KO Fiend talks a lot when he plays 3S.


Yun is broken. Makoto is Random. Ken is simple. Ibuki is a ninja. Conan is an alligator.

at evo2k6, i learned:
being able to recover is one of the formulas top players have.

always knew this lesson but not to that degree.

what’s w/ the avatar jacking? are you from TX?..

No, I’m just gay like that.

go die and burnnn avjaxx0r

Pyrolee broke my face.

You guys had a great match, watching those twins fight like true brothers was super dope it was a first for me and I was mad pumped, someone had to lose.

I agree 100%. I was rooting for ya, Kofiend. It’s good to see someone use Yun’s brother instead of just Yun all day.

don’t even worry about this man. tournament matches are known for this. just do what i do, practice and prepare for the next big tournament. this should just be something to make your game even stronger.

sorry about that