The PS3 gods have abandoned me :(

PS3 just died…and my KOFXIII disc is stuck in there :frowning: The fan test doesn’t seem to work on my fat 60 gig so idk. Is there a best solution for this nowadays?

Break the PS3 open to release the game.

Trust me. It will be worth it.

I don’t have a solution but I read Sony replaces that console with a 160GB current version for $99.

Silver lining.

As a Ps3 owner I have to say the ps3 sucks. It does that randomly. Mine stopped playing discs one day randomly. So yeah. Ps3 = gayness.

Anyway, if you open your console to remove the disc and put it back together without damaging anything, Sony will do a pair repair for you. They charge $99 to replace it with a new model, or $149 or so to replace it with the same model you’re sending in.

@ Rindoukan: I used to repair both consoles, and I can tell you that XBOX 360’s break in EVERY way you can imagine, and they do it frequently. Both consoles break, but the PS3 does it way less often.

(Waits for someone to bring up the Wii…)

Hmm…I loved my backwards compatible 60 gig. Got this sucker at launch, I don’t want a new one :[

sorry to hear that, i’ve had several friends who have used this company and have only had good things to say about them.

If you do send it off, don’t forget to backup your hard drive.

good luck.


Mine yellow lighted pretty much as soon as I put Modern Warfare 3 in it, back in November. I too have a 60gb unit that you can’t force the disc to eject from, so I know your pain. I got my repaired from I had a friend that used them before do I decided to give them a try. You have to let them know a game disc is in there but they’ll reball the system and tape the disc to the bottom. Both my friend’s and my own PS3 have been working fine since they repaired them.

The hard drive thing won’t work, but if you do a temporary repair, then transfer it to a different system, and then transfer it to your replacement when it arrives, that will work.

yea a lot of the fat OG PS3s are yellow lighting nowadays (2% my ass), mines did last year and I had to do like 20 fan test before my Marvel 3 magically popped out. I don’t recommend sending it to sony not unless you don’t care about your saved files, because they will wipe them out. Keep trying the fan test and see what happens, if that doesn’t work you may need to unscrew it yourself to get the disc out :confused:

I’ve seen people hair dry their ps3s to fix ylod lol.

Anyone with one of the launch PS3’s that still work, you NEED to reapply the thermal paste immediately! Once you crack it open, you’ll see just how piss poor a job they did with it. It’s dead easy to do, should only take an hour or so to do it. Did this to mine last summer, it’s been running like a champ since then. Just be careful putting it back together, I crimped the cable to the power board and had to replace it.

i put a new fan and thermal paste in my 60GB, but i’m still worried its gonna crap out.

I want to point out is that what is reported as a Yellow Light of Death to the internet is not the same number as OG or Fat Model PS3 owners.
It dose seem like alot as many people do post that there PS3 is broken.
But I also want to point out that Happy & Satisfied PS3 owners rarely post that there OG, Fat or Original Model PS3 consoles are perfectly fine.

I my self left had my 60GB model PS3 on once for 5 days straight running Folding @ Home and never had issues. The System was not even warm on the 5th day.

As for disk drive issues, you will reduce the amount of wear and tear on the Bluray drive if you leave your system horizontal. The PS2, Xbox 360, Wii as well as the PS3 all wear out there DVD drivers out faster while in the vertical position. I do not know why Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony even suggest leaving your system vertical is a good idea at all.

Can’t blame ya. It sucks that the current PS3’s are not backward compatible. That’s what made its predeccesor PS2 an awesome system to have.

Has anyone tried fixing their PS3 themselves? I think I’m gonna try and follow this guy’s video


Seems to me like it would work. Any tips/suggestions?

I don’t think it’s a good idea to try and fix it without a reflow oven. Using a hairdryer or an oven meant for food is probably iffy at best.

This works I had a friend take care of it for me and he then bought it off me as I put money towards a slim since I still own a PS2 anyway. He hasn’t mentioned it crapping out on him again, well yet at least.

Not this non-sense again. Do not do this, seriously. I killed a PS3 from having to constantly reflow using unconventional means. At one point, you simply can’t do it anymore because the solder gets brittle and refuses to conduct. You need to send it to someone who has a proper infrared reflow station.

Has anyone in this thread had their PS3 reballed by The Game Surgeons, or know of anyone who has? After doing some research, the consensus on the net seems to be that anyone offering this service is not reputable, as it would be cost prohibitive.

It’s like $130 to get a reball. What research have you done? Do you have any proof a reball is cost prohibitive? Why don’t you check out gophermods facebook page and see what people are saying there.