The Promised Neverland Thread

How is there no thread about this manga?

For those who don’t know what it is, it’s a new manga from Shonen jump that has some similarities to Death Note in how the characters behave and try to solve various situations.

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This manga clobbered me with the feels…especially the last 4 chapters.


I still feel that Norman wasn’t fed to the Demons by Mama…and WTF RAY!!!


Didn’t expect this to get it’s own thread.

Might as well, the fucks in the anime & manga thread only talk about like 4 shows at a time and probably don’t even know how to read.

Yeah this manga is GOAT tier already.

Sister Krone da bes


I really wish she was still around

Speaking of Krone…


What’s the purpose of that Pen that she gave to Norman? It’s obvious that he discovered something once he left.

It’s purpose is to either be a magical plot point that solves all of their problems, or more than likely, a magical plot point that look like it would solve all of their problems but actually backfires or does nothing and causes them to have to rethink their strategies.

I’m fine with either, this geniuses vs geniuses theme is always fun when it’s this well written.



Mama got PLAYED!!!

New chapter out

Holy prep time batman!

Fucking lockdown…


Phil is pretty smart for a 4 year old. I’m really wondering how they would ever get back to them 2 years later because it seems almost impossible to escape.

New chapter out

This seems too easy…

The Promised Neverland is the greatest new manga of 2017, holy crap.

or some reason when I saw the thread title I thought this was going to be a sequel to Holyland.

I kinda love how the manga’s all about going against one’s expectations. The big escape is on! Everything’s on lockdown! Huge demon monsters chasing them down! The pen must be a secret weapon! But nope. Different plan altogether.

In ch. 30, Norman sincerely thought he was gonna die when he was sent off. So why did they bullshit “Everything is according to Norman’s plans!” like he knew he would survive? Fuck that, he didn’t have a plan in the first place. But I guess we needed more keikaku.
I might be misunderstanding something but this is bugging me way too much. I’m gonna be reading this just for the dope demons from now on.

The kids don’t know that/if Norman’s alive. This was his “legacy”, so to speak - the Norman we see in the latest chapter is just a memory.

Damn this series is fiah; thanks for the recommendation :tup: ! I just reached the part where the helper was introduced.

Norman definitely saw something when he was sent off though. So he could very well end up being alive or maybe they offered him some type of “duty”

Finished em; is Norman alive or not? That was some stuff. Enjoyed the build up to the escape plan.
Are there any other manga like this? Tried getting into DeathNote but meh, just didn’t hold enough interest.

We don’t know if Norman’s alive or not. But he was not sent off in the normal fashion.