The professional use Sanwa or semitsu?

I have arcade stick mad cat TE … full sanwa… whats stick daigo and mago? sanwa o seimitsu?
my friens use seimitsu, they say seimitsu the best. sorry my Inglish, i from spain xD

Seimitsu change me? sorry by post

Powerglove hombre, powerglove.

The arcade default is Sanwa, so Mago and Daigo use Sanwa. Stick to Sanwa for fighting games, seimutsu seems to be better for shoot em ups.

ROFL XD Good old powerglove.

Anyway in relation to the topic. Sanwa sticks are less stiff than seimitsu, whether that’s a good/bad thing is up to personal preference really. As for the buttons they’re very very similar.

It’s all personal preference though the pros use what’s in the arcades, so sanwa buttons and jlf’s. IMO the Seimitsu ls-40 is by far the best stick if you’re not already use to one though (with the ls-32 close behind), it’s much more responsive than the Sanwa jlf and a lot easier to hit directional inputs accuratley - I used a jlf for several months and could do c.vipers last trial about 1 try in every 30, I switched to an ls-32 and INSTANTLY could do it every time - finding the right stick can make a hughe difference.

In terms of buttons pianoing is a lot easier on sanwas and everything else is indifferent, so I would stick to sanwa’s.

A true professional would use anything that’s handed to 'em if they had to. Pad, Sanwa, Happ, or even Wiimote.

I figure no matter what the competition, a true pro will play their best with what’s available, which is why the PGA folks were crying about the greens not being perfect on some course is a damned joke. They should have some tournaments on (normally) public courses just to see who’s REALLY the best of the best. Just like the pro bowlers should have to deal with houses that have godawful oil patterns sometimes.

I like the way Seimitsu feels better, but Sanwa are apparently better overall.

Your TE stick comes perfect when you get it, no reason to change anything.

It will never be perfect if it is not the Pink Dan TE!

Problem with Sanwa joysticks:

I’m not a big fan of the Sanwa JLF stick, but I’ve never tried Seimitsu sticks so I don’t have much to compare it to. Happ sticks are well-built but japanese sticks grew on me (no homo). Sanwa sticks feel good, but they are inconsistent. I have one TE stick where the left motion is less sensitive than all other directions. I have to tilt the joystick at more of an angle before it registers. It becomes a problem when it comes to quarter-circle motions. My other stick has the same problem, except with down-right.

It has nothing to do with wear and tear because one of the sticks I very rarely use. I’ve had this problem since I’ve owned the sticks.

It has nothing to do with my execution, because I’ve used other people’s TE’s, modded SE’s, and modded HRAPs long before I got my TE. They work perfectly fine. However, one of my friend had a similar problem with down-left as well.

I had to take part my stick and put a layer of electrical tape around the shaft where it makes contact with the directional buttons. I also swapped the faulty switch to the Up direction. It solved the problem on both sticks, but I really shouldn’t have to do that.

Maybe my friend and I were both unlucky and got three manufacturers’ defects between the two of us, but after taking them apart, I think the sticks are pretty cheaply made.

I love the power glove. [media=youtube]KZErvASwdlU"[/media]

Swear joysticks are opposite because I have big hands and can not grip a Sanwa…with my Seimitsu I was flawless…ordering this weekend…and this Sanwa is going in storage where it will never see the light of day.

I feel that sanwa sticks are overrated and I haven’t used Seimitsu yet

it’s personal preference, but they use Sanwa.