The problem with SF

I’m not quite sure how to go into this, so I’ll just be blunt. Online is hard. What I mean by this, is that I can find no players online who don’t have a good amount of skill. I’m a total noob to the street fighter series, and fairly recently bought street fighter IV off the PSN, and while I hoped for a decent cruise of a lurning curve, I found the bridge was out. Street fighter is very noob unfriendly. I have a grand total of two opponents that might ever fight me who don’t know exactly what they’re doing. And for somebody who just learned focus attacks fairly recently? The bridge was out. I would like to go online, but even if I attempt to find someone at the same skill as me, it simply does not happen. So, I have one question, which may not relate all too well with the title, but whatever: does anyone know a fairly comprehensive video tutorial for beginners? (And just to say, i’ve seen TSFbird’s, but there have been some things he didn’t mention that i’ve seenonline that confused me)



play against the computer, arcade mode.
No shame in that.

Well, you’re jumping into a game that has been around for years with a lot of people that have been playing it since day one. Just take your time with it and you’ll learn. Losing helps you grow, remember that.

mmmmmm, vortex:

Was the bridge out though?

check vesper’s tutorial , he go over nearly everything :

and yes its pretty hard and to be honest even when you get decent its getting harder and harder to advance again, but i would say that you need work on two thing as a basis to begin with

execution :

do the maximum number of trial, some are easy, some are hard, and you’ll get stuck, but because you gonna have to repeat them so much to clear, your execution will get to a decent level quickly

reaction time :

once you get ok at execution and can do some combos, go to training mode or arcade, put the CPU on hardest, and try to punish everything, from jumping to ultra ect …

hope this help