The problam with sf4 series

i bought ultra few weeks ago and i noticed few problams with the game.
its not about the really ugly graphics or even the horrendous/troll faces each character is having during gameplay,
its the match ups.
i use c.viper and shes a really good character, the problam is viper isnt very good vs shoto’s
which means this game is heavily based on match ups.
the problam with match ups is that you only have 1-2 tools to overcome the odds,and thats not enough.
another problam is many of the players i face 90% always use shotos,
i understand its fun to use them and thats becouse the game rewards mostly the shoto’s
(and yes juri is a shoto)
the core problam is the mentality of this game, the complexity of non shoto’s is high while with them you work less hard and it puts you in a difficult
position to whatever play to win or play to enjoy.
i only like c.viper in this game besides gouken and fei long but i dont play them becouse i like the complex she brings,and complex dose equal bad odds in this game.

the problem with the game is poor spelling, been that way forever.

im sorry english isnt my native language…

lets talk about the good things about the game, the only good thing about this game is that it takes the jobbers like Joey Dickballs and molds them into semi competent competitors that still have the brain wavelength frequency comparable to that of a squirrel with down syndrome

…the problam with this thread is that it was created by someone who has been playing the game for a few weeks.

few weeks is well enough for a long time fighting game player,especially for street fighter

so are you guys telling me theres no prolam with this game whatsoever?

SF4 has been out for about 6 years. People have probably expressed all their gripes with the series a long time ago.

Sorry but this game absolutely does not reward shotos. It rewards rushdown characters like Cammy, Yun and, yes, Viper.

And that is bad?
As for the OP, you need to give the game more time…like a few extra months.

… should learn more about the game before posting this sort of thing.