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Election Thread 2021 part 2 underway

Impeachment 2.0 is ongoing:

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I’m actually surprised it automatically generated a new thread…I like it.


As a developer myself, I just wanted to let you non-devs, if you weren’t aware, that the way Parler handles deleted content is pretty standard across most applications that aren’t local applications like MS Word or something.

It is standard practice for web/mobile apps that have a backend server to “delete” content when you choose to delete it, by just setting a delete flag true, and the content is still there.

It also may not be held forever, and there is some kind of retention time until it’s purged, but chances are it’s still in the database after you delete for some amount of time, if not forever.


GOP members try to hold traitors accountable, get ready to get ousted :roll_eyes:

They came to that faster than holding anyone accountable for Jan. 6th.


“No spines allowed” club


These are our elected officials.

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Someone needs to make a bullet club logo that says spineless club and change the skull to a elephant skull.

4 life!
2 sweet! :metal:
Hand out them sweet tees!

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National security podcast: Intelligence matters, CBS News - CBS News

Found it summarized here

Spanberger notes that here was no preparation or early warning of any kind that she could perceive. She herself held a very basic defensive posture along with her staff (arriving at the Capitol in non-descript clothes, sweeping for surveillance devices and wearing work clothes that can easily be removed to blend in) but that was a hold-over from her days as an operative, not a repose to any specific threat announcement. During the siege, she did transform her appearance as planned.

  • The joint ceremony of certifying the election results (in the presence of the wooden boxes with electoral votes) went according to protocol until the results of Arizona were announced and one house member (not named) and senator Cruz objected. This led to the gathering splitting up into individual houses to debate the challenge.

  • The senators left and house members took up the debate with Nancy Pelosi presiding giving each speaker 5 minutes for an expected two-hour session.

  • A few speakers in, there was commotion as Capitol Police officers came in and had a hushed conversation with chairman McGovern, who exchanged places with Pelosi on the dais as she was escorted out by police, along with congressmen Clyburn and Hoyer. At this point congresswoman Spanberger concludes that House leadership was being evacuated and something is amiss.

  • Spanberger recalls a colleague who left the gallery just before the escalation to fetch something and telling her to remove her pin and practice a short cover story ('if anybody asks who you are, tell them you’re a secretary.)

  • Looking at their phones, the attendees can see the protests outside reaching a fever pitch and alerts mention a potential bomb threat in another House building, which is being evacuated.

  • As they scroll through, messages come in that protestors are trickling through the fencing. Shortly after, they hear the announcement that the Capitol has been breached and is locking down.

  • Door attendants and Capitol police officers make a furious attempt to lock all the doors.

  • Second announcement: a chemical irritant has been released, everyone grabs gas masks from under their seating but do not put them on.

  • At this point, it feels as if an orderly exit is still possible and people are relatively calm, texting with family and staff.

  • Most members are up in the gallery, wit a few (members of the states being contested) on the floor section.

  • Suddenly the mood shifts and everyone is being told to get out, with the gallery egress blocked by several cordoned off rows of chairs. Attendees have to climb over and under, adding to the growing feeling of chaos.

  • Third announcement (urgent): gas masks on, gas masks on. Several people panic and hyperventilate.

  • Fourth announcement: chemicals aren’t reaching this room, gas masks can be removed.

  • Gallery members reach the egress just as the insurrectionists reach the door to the Capitol floor. Capitol police officers on the floor are barricading the door that is now under assault, with glass breaking. Insurrectionists can be heard shouting and banging.

  • Capitol police shout for everyone to get down, flat on the ground. People on the gallery urge each other to remove their House pins so they’re not easily identifiable as valuable targets.

  • Shouts are coming from outside the gallery egress door claiming to be police and demanding they open the door. House members call to Capitol police on the floor to verify before they open.

  • They get confirmation and open the gallery door. The officers on the other side rush everyone out for evacuation, while those on the floor try to hold the barricade.

  • Around this time, a woman is shot at a side entrance to the chamber. They hear the noise but cannot see anything or understand what is happening, unable to distinguish between flash-bangs and gunshots.

  • Officers escort the gallery crowd to the marble staircase. Rushing down, they see insurrectionists on the ground being detained by Capitol police before reaching a tiny back stairwell into the building’s tunnels and ultimately to a secure location.

  • Spanberger recalls people crying, praying (‘pretty raw emotions’). At no time can she gauge how large the mob was or the intentions of their attackers.

  • The crisis threw reporters and politicians together. She recalls reporters taking pictures and doing their job to record history even as they were trying to escape. Security wanted to deny the reporters access to the secure location. House members directed the reporters to offices they could use to barricade themselves in.




The sooner these boomers die, the better





GOP still going down for this guy, and still incite their base, then they try to act like they can’t do their job. :-1:

Glad they continue to get called out in public.

With control of all branches there’s no excuse to not hold people accountable.