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Yeah, thats me. You were trying to show me that one Dahlsim combo that wouldn’t come out as hard as you tried. My names Dawain, but I barely come there anymore because I’m broke like 24/7 now. Job doesn’t give me enough hours. >_>

Pimp, what team do you use on XI? I really do think I’ve played you, but I could be wrong. If you use the black/red Duck, then yeah I’ve played you before. >_>

Had a real good time at UP tonight, although I only really saw Brandon there. Played a couple people in XI, and overall had a great stress-relieving session. If anybody else was there, you might have noticed me as the black/rican kid with the red polo shirt and glasses.

Traitor… :looney:

Almost Philly Player

I’m close enough to Philly to tell people I live there, I’m about 20 minutes north of it. I have GGXX/ and SF3s, those are the games I play as well (with some Super Smash Brothers 64 [not that melee trash!]). Hit me up on Hahano9 (AIM) or PM/Email me. If I’m away on AIM just hit me up anyways, I check it every night when I’m done being busy.

When I played XI at UP I rotated between Kula/Ozzie/Gato/Duck/Eiji/Gai … Duck was whatever button i hit, i had so strict colors.

ill, you’re one of them…i’ve many people at drexel like that.
me: where are you from
liar: philly (trying to be cool)
me: word, me too, what part?
liar: umm :confused: bucks county

on topic though, do you not hit up the arcade at all?

Nah, not like that. I say to people from out of state (people in Cali mostly)I’m from Philly to save myself from the hassle of saying “Well, I’m approximately 20 minutes north of Philadelphia.” Believe me, I don’t care about being ‘bad-ass’ or ‘cool’ by claiming I’m from Philly. I don’t like the city that much :(. I don’t hit up the arcades much because I play 3s and GG only really…and I don’t need to put up quarters to get served at McV2. I play at my fuckin house where I can get food and drinks and chill on my couch in my smoke-free environment. Just lookin for some more people to play with. I might hit up the arcade one day, but it’s not my style. So let me know if someone wants to chill around my place. I’m North of Philly, in Langhorne (Yes, Bucks County). Hit up my AIM (Hahano9), this post, PM me or email me ( if you want to play.

Yo Taz, just played you tonite, the white kid that beat you before you left :looney:

Good matches. Your sent is the definition of pain.

Taz I finally got that match of ours on here. from way back…:rofl: :rofl:

Very Rare B.B. Hood OCV ( I’ll never get this lucky again)

ne phila here. go to PSU but when i’m home i’ll occasionally drop by UP. me and my boys play UMK3.

Nobody wants to come up and play GG or SF with me :sad::sad::sad:

…Whoa wait

Philly is getting AC?

Did Hell just freeze over or something?

Edit: I mainly play GG but will play whatever.

At least, thats what I talk to Eric about. I’ve been bugging him about getting GGXX/ for a while, and about two months ago he told me the staff had plans for buying AC. The problem is, I don’t have a clue what game they’d take out for it. Also, I’m still waiting on him to switch out SC2 & SST for Rumble Fish and NGBC.

It hasn’t happened yet, but if it does we have a crapload of people to scout for us.

I haven’t been to UP in a while, anyone know how many 360’s they have setup?

3 for marvel, i dunno about the other machines.

I’m going down to UP on saturday around 7 or so, after I get offa work. Anybody else gonna be own there, possibly somebody to play XI with me?

Bum ass UP took out my KOFXI machine and replaced it with a 360.

I don’t plan on going there anytime soon. :confused:

Their’s 1 XboX 360 machine and everybody loves to play NBA 2K7 on there. They took out KOF XI For that?

Hyperhal, I feel you dawg. Basically UP used to have all the hottest 2D fighters but 5 Marvel is uncalled for. 2 can be used for either Guilty Gear and KOF XI.

yeah i’ve been bugging them about 3rd strike but to no avail.

although i hear that the arcade owner owns a lot of property around there and if you rent from him he might store some arcade cabinets in your living room.

my friend had MKII and Metal Slug, dumb penn jock didn’t know how to play either =/

You’d think they’d move some of the damn pinball machines outta there. I mean yes I know, it’s called university pinball for a reason, but still, who the hell is playing pinball?

Peskypurple!!! So this is where u reside, eh?! U haven’t been on Live in a while and what’s up with that KOF ‘02/03’ u were supposed 2 get a while ago! Afraid of being owned, LMAO!!! Anywayz, I’ve been on Jump Ultimate Stars(SSBM with Jump Manga characters in 2D) and now I’m gettin’ into Bleach DS 2(a sorta GG hybrid) on the DS, 4 all my online 2D goodness!!!

BTW, man, start plannin’ 2 take off 4 Otakon this year, ‘cause I’m makin’ sure I go this year! We can chill at Moe n Reg’s place n play fighting games all night, LOL!!! Hit me up when u get a chance, tho, :wgrin: !!! Lataz!!!

  • Till all are ONE!!!