The 'Parry psychology' of 3s, and new players

I’m sure plenty of us has face-palmed everytime we hear FGC players of the new generation always saying that 3rd strike is too hard and that parry is broken, stupid, dumb, unfair, makes fireballs useless etc. etc.
To an extent, most seasoned veterans know that it’s not entirely true. But how do you get this message across to people before they abandon it and go back to playing SSF4?
Something I also find, is that some people don’t understand stuff like the risk/rewards associated with parrying stuff and even when they get parried themselves. Examples, somebody who accuses somebody of using ‘auto-parry’ or complaining about how cheap their character is, but is oblivious to the fact he is simply being overly predictable with the same pattern/habit and not changing it up. How somebody complains how fireballs, blockstrings and zoning games are useless because “you can just parry everything!”.
This is quite an extreme example (in fact it was possible this Yang was trolling by playing bad on purpose), but there are plenty of other similar matches that I’ve experienced. You would think he would get the message that spamming crouch LP is a bad idea by the first round, but it’s almost like he never got the hint, and proceeded to get destroyed in the same way for the next 10 games.

This is a huge shame, because many people are abandoning the game too early before realizing how interesting the parry meta-game can be, and get thrown off by the netcode, top tier dominance, and retro-style graphics.

This isn’t a thread to flame, demoralize or alienate anyone for being old/new school. But more of a discussion on how to get new players to understand the ‘3s psychology’ side of the game. Anyone have any similar experiences?

you’re never going to communicate anything to new players online. it’s hard enough get something that actually resembles 3s offline in that setting. add to that that 99% of online players have no idea what they’re doing and have been trained by the netcode to do dumb shit and think it works.

people who are drawn to the game will do research, play more, improve, watch vids, all that. and they’ll figure it all out naturally. people who aren’t will say something dumb about it and then abandon it. but the saying something dumb part isn’t the problem, these dudes were never gonna play it anyway. so same as always.

FWIW in my time spent on XBL I encounter the exact opposite problem - people who want to parry everything. it’s a Guess Strike party all day. it takes a long set of continually getting punished for it before you calm these people down. these are the people who really need help because they’ve invested enough time to feel their way around the system but don’t have the game knowledge to recognize how risky what they’re doing is. that they’re playing online doesn’t help matters.

“Parry looks sick, I wanna do it because when it works it looks awesome”

I think it doesn’t go beyond that for most players.

It’s good to see people attempting to parry - but it’s more about why some people don’t respond or rethink their strategy when they get parried. An example of the only time they’d respond is if they realising throwing 5 fireballs in a row from full screen is doing nothing productive other than giving them free meter for every fireball parried.

Blocking is still a better strategy, especially depending on what character you play, how predictable (or not) your opponent is, and whether or not your opponent is baiting a parry.

The thing that always cracks me up is someone who’s played the game a week complaining that they got blown up. And it’s like some of them don’t even know that you CAN block because you can tell they’re just trying to parry everything, like simply parrying is going to win you the match, never mind having to actually CAPITALIZE on said parry.