The pain of the ultra./[/color]

New Vega Updates… THE PAIN OF THE ULTRA./

First of all want to share my happinest to all the vega users and fans... by saying that on this street fighter the new vega its way much better than the past game...

1.- The Jhp/sHp/cmp and FB EX combo its now linkable to all characters (after a long testing... and yes including ryu/ken) :rock:

2.- You guys can now combo cmk to rolling crystal as simple as that.

3.- You can now even combo Jhp/Shp/Clp/Cmp and FB EX as well.

4.- The new Bloody HIght Claw Ultra its way much better than the past one... since its a two... you can get hit by his knew when hi flyes towars the opponent or when he comes back from the corner.

5.- And FINALLY i manage to combo de Updated Bloody HIght Claw with a Jhp or Jhp... SO YES YOU NOW CAN COMBO THE ULTRA GUYS...


This all been known for quite some time.