The OTHER Halo Clan on SRK - Grown Folks

I’ve gotten a LOT better @ Halo 2, Got a decient group of folks I run with at night on there, we’re all Lvl. 16 and up not the best but we know how to talk and work as a fuckin’ team also all of us are at least 18 lol most are over 25 - I’m 23 and I’m one of the youngest guys, anyone want in or wanna have a clan match? - let me know or hit me up on XBL

GT - Setoshin
Clan - Grown Folks


I’m a level 23, looking for a better clan (SRK clan is so rediculously god awful). I’m 21 years old, I’m big on teamwork (I can’t stand getting paired up w/ ppl who don’t use a headset) and like to play mostly team slayer.

I haven’t played in like a month (I hope they didn’t reset the ranks again). Add me Gamertag: ParryAll. Usually on late at night (Eastern time 12 and later).

Oh god are you the perfect person to join up!!!

Right now we’re still ironing out the kinks, like friends of friends are gaying shit up by NOT TALKING AND GOING SOLO on fuckin’ CTF and Assualt - We played 3 clan matches and lost 2, we ran out of time on assualt while the bomb was arming.

We killed off Grown Folks cause friends of friends fucked it up, we took the best of the best (and the OG’s) and made xx Lady Killers xx and it’s 109856086490876985608750987x better.

Matching colors, trainings, meetings, strat disscussion, etc.

do you have to be level 16 or higher to join?

…no :confused:

Just don’t suck and be a team player.

Then AZN is out.

cause he plays well
For the other team!


Azn, make a new SRK clan thread, or I will, or something.

We are the true SRK Halo 2 reps!

No offense to you other guys, of course.

Unless, you wanted to challenge us… Your clan vs the SRK Clan.

What do ya say? I think I have enough pull on the SRK clan to sign us up for a match.

mycah, im in houston too…

hit me up with a friend’s request and we can play tonite…i’ll be on sometime around 9ish and im on mostly everyday, sucking it up and shit…just when we play, take it easy on me ok? thanks

GT: Father Stiggz

I wanna play some of you SRK peps in H2. Look for a f/r from me.

You guys should add me…
FernandOOOOO O’s not zeros…
My clan is SIU StepItUp …we did that for a little bit…then we um…unno… Were all atleats 20(lvl)…I think…cept for 1,we don’t really play clan matches anymore.

me & team killa(azn) are gettin lonely…join bitches!:sad:

yah we need more ppl to play big team… its getting stupid when we do 8 on 8 in big team and 1/2 of our team winds up leaving…

If anybody wants to play…im down…i got skillz

Hi, I’m new. Can somebody give some tips to help get me started?

The MLG Halo players at Evo were really sick. Watching them has gotten me interested in Halo now. My first impression of high level player is that the battle rifle is easily the best weapon in the game. Grenades suppress your opponent and battle rifle takes them out at midrange all the way to the other side of the map in about three seconds at most. Rifle is too good since four accurate pulls of the trigger are all you need.

How useful is dual wielding in multiplayer? Dualing the mag and the overcharged shot lets you kill an opponent in less than one second, but the range of both guns really suck. In my scrub play with my friends, people get killed really fast with SMG/mag dual wield as well, but this combo seems to suck for me because I find it hard to aim with both guns going off at the same time. SMG fired in short bursts at the head with your left hand free to throw grenades appears to be superior I think.

What about melee attacks? I know an accurate melee attack does more damage than a single BR burst when you’re in range, but I was barely seeing anybody use melee attacks at MLG.

What would be the most useful weapon combination in the game? I’m thinking BR and sword are the weapons I want to work with the most. Sword comes out faster than the shotgun I know that. Just one second and then you’re ready to insta-kill someone, while taking out the shotgun has a little longer startup.

The only maps I’ve been playing on so far have been Lockout, Ivory Tower, and Midship so if anybody has any map specific tips or other maps I need to learn to become a competitive player, please let me know.

The BR is very effective especially on the MLG maps. If every teammate hits the enemy with one headshot each the person should be dead.

It is very effective when up close because they fire a lot faster and its easier to turn around and shoot compared to the BR. Its even easier when the person you are close to does not have that much experience with the BR.

One of the reasons why you did not see that many melees is because the Pros are too smart to just go up to a person and fight. They’d rather shoot eachother from far range, take down their shields and hopes that one of their teammates can finish the kill. MLG permits plenty of time for each game, remember to utilize it as best as you can.

And the BXR or the BXB is the best thing ever. When you are close press B, X, than R. The melee hits, you cancel the hit with X, than kill them with the shot in the head. Or do BXB the same way. The cancel lets you melee them twice as fast.

In MLG the use of the sword is only allowed in Team games. But when I play anything less than 4v4 than we do not use the sword.
And sword is not allowed in all FFA games(free for all(Rumble Pit)).

I personally think the sniper or plasma pistol is the best second weapon. If I could not get my hands on one of those weapons than I’d go for the plasma rifle(with three shots than a melee, you can kill the enemy immediately).

Lockout, Ivory Tower, and Midship are used alot in MLG. The only other maps used are Sanctuary, Warlock, and Colussus.

Sanctuary is mostly used for snipers.

And about getting better with maps, learn crucial jumps. Jumps to get you somewhere an enemy would not expect you. And jumps to get you away from danger.

Other than that the only thing that can get you better is experience and PLENTY OF TEAMWORK. If you dont like playing as a team, than I suggest not playing team games at all and try to rape in FFA.

Because most of the time a team wins it not a person.

I wanna be in! (Riot Trigger)

i’m down me a clan invite