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Things That Probably Should Work, But Don’t

So I’m trying to go further with this glitch and expose some other characters, but I’m actually having a tough time. I thought I knew enough about it to be able to figure things out, but yeah a lot of things are inconclusive.

There has to be some underlining property that allows OTG hitting to carry over after the BRQ, but I can’t pin point it. Anyone got any ideas? Casshern’s hits OTG and can even lift them back on their feet. What about Souki? In fact, how do you do it with Souki? I never figured out the BRQ part.

For example, in Casshern/Roll’s case, Casshern is able to attack during Roll’s super with an OTG hitting move and BRQ into a move that normally wont hit OTG. That all makes sense, untill you try the same thing with Alex’s head stomp and get nothing. I just get a feeling that this should be working with Alex, unless his head stomp has some OTHER property that dissalows it, or his 2A is too high.

[2]A > 2B > 2C > ]8[C > 421A+B~P > [2] > ]8[ whatever

It’s an OTG hitting move, that can team up into Roll super just like Casshern, yet finding a timing or any indication that BRQ into OTG infinite is possible, just aint happening in this case.

Anyone got any good ideas on what this “property” is that allows this to happen in some cases?

Alright the thing I’ve seen is this. The two things that all these glitches have in common are:

a) a move that picks up off the ground, i.e. Casshern’s drill kick, and souki’s last hit, my theory is that this immediately puts them in a state where you can hit them with normal non otg moves. AND

b) a move with a hitbox that extends to the ground, i.e. roll’s sweep, karas’ sword spin startup, or batsu’s zenkai kiai-dan.

It looks like if both of these hit at the same time, the actual pickup will be cancelled by the second attack hitting at the same time, but they will retain the “off the ground” property.

Just a guess :slight_smile:

You can Issen after Oni Magic lvl. 1 which allows you to immediately Baroque so you continue to OTG them.

So Oni Magic-Issen and Casshern’s dive kick move both lift off the ground?


This should add a lot of new light I think. Knowing know that the glitch can activate after a certain ammount of hits makes me wonder what conditions that lies under. In HnK it had to be 31 hits of a jugglable combo to activate the glitch. I wonder if this glitch only activates after 69 OTG hits, or whether a knockdown after a 69+ hit combo would also allow this to happen.

One thing that’s sure, and that’s Daimao is the character of choice to try and find these combos. You can tag out during that infinite and continue to infinite with your partner, indicating that at least, everyone can do it (apart from maybe Tekkaman), 2A that is, not setting it up.

No the issen doesn’t lift off the ground, but the part that activates the glitch, i.e. the last hit of his QCF super, does, from there on the issen is just used to get him back to a neutral state fast enough to start poking before the opponent gets up And yeah, the daimao magic number glitch obviously doesn’t lie under these circumstances, but that’s a special case.