The Ororo Munroe aka Storm Appreciation Thread

White Hair. Blue Eyes. Voluptuous Body. Beautiful Face. Her name? Just read the name of the thread. Her name is Ororo Munroe, the only daughter of Princess N’Dare and David Munroe.

Their stay in Egypt became became tragic when a plane crashed to their house with only the young Ororo surviving and has left her claustrophobic. Young Ororo didn’t know that it was her powers that protected her from harm.

She was raised by Achmed El-Gibar who taught her to be a skilled thief, skilled in hand to hand combat and lockpicking.

She soon traveled to Kenya and was worshipped as a goddess. Professor X then invited her to join the X-Men and help him realize his dream of humans and mutants living together in peace.

Many things has happened to Storm then. She went mohawk, she became powerless, she also became a leader of the X-men. She became a temporary member of the Fantastic Four and also became a member of the Avengers but stopped being one after the start of the Avengers vs X-Men event.

Storm has the ability to manipulate weather. She can control air, pressure, lightning, etc. and she can fly.

Just giving you all a brief background. I know it’s not complete. But anyways, If you want to talk about Storm, post here. : )

Lol at Avengers vs. X-Men divorcing Storm and Black Panther in ONE PANEL WITH ONE WORD BALLOON. That’s like getting unfriended on Facebook I swear. :smiley:

Here’s hoping I see Storm in a lot more X-Men books. I didn’t really have a big problem with the marriage but I didn’t like that Marvel took her out of a lot of X books.

Wolverine can appear in ten books a month so why not married Storm? Wakanda and X-Men have teleportation devices. Strange strange Marvel.

Anyway bring Storm x Forge back please! :cool:

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“What happens to toads when they get struck by lightning? …The same thing that happens to everything else.”

Warren Ellis showed a little love for Storm even after she was married to the Panther. She was a major part of his X-Men run and he even wrote a Storm solo miniseries back in the '90s.

That would be weak if they brought back Forge as a love interest after what he did in Ghost Boxes. Then again, if Jeph Loeb were to write the story, we can’t put anything past his abilities to circumnavigate previously established plot developments.

One thing I always hated about Storm was her terrible voice actress from the '90s cartoon that most of us grew up with. Back in the early 2000s I would try to go to sleep and all I could hear in my head was, “Oh! Oh! Oh! LIGHTNING ATTACK!” over and over.

Man I haven’t even seen Forge since he went out of character and gave Storm and Black Panther his blessing. Ugh… Such a horrible story.

Maybe they’ll do Wolverine x Storm for a while since there are some fans who have wanted to see that for years. The '90s cartoon probably pushed that along with their take on Age of Apocalypse.

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The Storm and Black Panther marriage was more a disappointment. Marvel didn’t really develop the marriage well.

I’m not a fan of Storm and Forge.

I’m totally a RoLo Fan. Storm and Wolverine forever! :love: Stormverine!

Storm fans and for those who wanted to have a good or I should say great story about Storm, Storm fans really recommend you getting a copy of X-Men Worlds Apart #1-4. :tup: :tup::tup::tup::tup: 5 thumbs up!

The cover arts may not be consistently pretty but the inside is pretty much better on all four issues like below. :slight_smile:

You gotta check out Ellis’ Astonishing X-Men run.

I’m mad that storm gets sat on the back burner for support so often. For someone that’s suppose to have so much hand to hand experince she never is really in a fight.

not only that her powers are pretty OP, yet she gets dumb down go gust of winds :rofl:

I mean really, even if it was restricted to ONLY being outside summon lighting is super OP alone in itself.

And yeah sano black panther annulling their marriage because she is a xmen (in a nut shell) in one page, and her being like “we will talk about this later” made me LOL IRL.

Man wish we got more stuff of her and Gambit going around being like Robin Hood when she was turned into a child way back in the day.

I could get behind this thread. I too am a fan of Storm and Wolverine from back in the day. They should do that again.

Also I miss her white Jim Lee outfit

That’s great to know. I thought you like Storm and Spidey. hahaha . Just looking at your avatar. : )

You miss her 90’s outfit? Here’s one of the best that I’ve found. ::wink:

and Ororo’s mohawk hairstyle:

Mohawk look was my personal favorite look, white outfit second.

so you like Storm with the mohawk hairstyle rather than having a long straight hair?

I rock Spidey/Storm in UMvC3 but both are my favorite Marvel characters, gender respective. I have that mohawk pic but I don’t like her eyes on it. I do on the other hand rank future past Storm and AoA Storm amongst her best versions. Storm with a bad ass personality is an automatic win in my book.

Here’s another Storm mohawk look for you. :slight_smile:

I like them both too. You should have checked how Storm and Spider-man helped each other to beat Magneto in the Marvel Avengers Battle For Earth Trailer.


and i love their team-up

And if you’re fond of watching ice hockey (National Hockey League), you could have caught Mike Smith wearing a Storm helmet when he was with Tampa Bay Lightning. :slight_smile:

I like how Storm looks on this Greg Horn Art.

Great news!!! : )

AVX: Consequences #4

Ultimate Comics X-Men #18

No love for Bloodstorm?

I am a fan of Bloodstorm too. : )