The Original Flash1 is Back (A Product review)

Ok so last week I received a production sample of the new Flash1 for testing from Rollie. It has been built from the original mold and schematics. I compared it next to the classic Flash1 and it has the same response and performance. Other then some minor differences on the PCB (Electronics have changed over the years) I can’t find any differences. Rollie also sent me 3 springs to test with the stick as well. Basically a light spring (same as JLF), med spring (close to a LS-32), and a heavy spring (feels like a JLF spring mod, basically the JLF and LS-32 combined). I’m not sure yet which will be included in final packaging. I ask Rollie about final pricing and he told me it would very reasonable. I also asked about when these should be available, and he said that a few things still need to get worked out before a ship date could be set. On the up side I was sent a production sample, so they must be getting close to a final shipping product. I took some photo and compared it next to the classic Flash1 below…

**Edit 12/28/11 **
Added info on Gate testing because I have had a few people ask about it.

**I tested the new Flash 1 with all 3 gates available. **
**It work fine with all 3 gates but the octo-gate and the square gate were the most accurate. Only because the round gate made it harder to know exact stick placement. **

**Edit 01/05/12 **
Added info on voltage testing because I have had a few people ask about it.

PCB works fine with both 3.5V (i.e. PSX/PS2 voltage) and 5V (i.e. USB/PS3/Xbox/Dreamcast voltage)

**Ok so there has been some confusion about this product. This is not a replica, this is a re-manufactured product but Happ as cleared up by Rollie in this quote… **

The Kit will include the Flash1 PCB, shaft cover, and (THAT’S RIGHT!!) the Flash1 dust cover.
(the kit will also include a spring once the final spring design is completed.)

Here is the Flash1 2011 compared to the Flash1 Classic

Leave it Rollie to bring a great product back to the fighting community. Now everyone will be able to get their hands on one of these.

Now I’m sad that I will not be the only person on SRK to have the original Sanwa Clear Blue Shaft Cover. :crybaby:
And two of them also!

But wow, this is weird!

a flash with a hard spring?..mmmmm…count me in…

Shouldn’t you guys get rid of the Sanwa logo, you know, to avoid legal hassles?

Guess they didn’t bother since its from the same mold…but ya. It could prove to be an issue in the future

That would only make too much sense.

Haven’t been on srk in awhile but I’m glad i decided to look around…Flash 2011 looks nice maybe i should cop once dropped.

This is sweet (although a little balsy). Finally get me a dust cover.

EDIT: I guess it is.

Color me confused, how the… wait what with the TM infringement… huh?

Sanwa and Perfect 360 logos need to go. With those logos in, this might as well count a piracy on their part.

ummmm. hmmmmm… wait something is wrong here. Nice try and all but whats with the infringement pretty much asking for trouble. No mi gusta para nada. It’s one thing to build one of these from a template and grow upon it but this is pure thievery. And weren’t we recently blessed with a replacement that doesn’t step on some ones…no wait 2 ones copyrights. Support the scene but not downright thieves.

Edited the title since it was misleading and making a few folks think that Sanwa themselves were reissuing this.

Edit: cleared up by ponyboy

LOL @ the direction this thread is going. The Haterade is strong in this one.

EDIT: well, its nice to see those very same derailers back peddling with the perfectionism now, lol. Look at them amount of deletes and edits.


I’ll be sure to buy some counterfeit Nikes at the same time.

Dude, you’re saying it like Toodles never existed.


You don’t understand. Toodles never existed. Get this through your head. He never existed. Get this through your head. He never existed. Sanwa is cool with him putting their logo on there. They support this product. Toodles never existed. Happ loves Rollie. Toodles never existed. /brainwash

my face when

brb, gonna buy eight of these then sell them as authentic sanwa flashes when rollie gets shut down

Wow, what a MESS!!!
Happ Controls & Rollie Electronics have formed a partnership to bring you the Original Flash 1 Optical Joystick.
Happ Controls will do the manufacturing while Rollie Electronics will sell the product Worldwide Exclusively.

This is not a Copy or Clone. This is manufactured from the original Perfect 360 molds.

If you have any questions please contact me at

Thank you,

John “Ponyboy” Pipp
Rollie Electronics