The original bar tourny wallcade sept 5th tounry results

SFIV Teams

1 great friends 1 (gabe sagat, rob rog)
2 last bossu (illwill ken, wall rufus)
3 tango and cash (damdai ken, autodemon gouki)
4 roahs army (ern gief, ness gouki)
5 Bad (blue 9 abel, pancho ryu)
5 buttcrack delight
7 great friendz 3
7 lucky bipson
9 mash shoryuken
9 discovery channel
9 great friens 2
9 nothing good
13 self loathing
13 random
13 Brouken
13 sucks

SF4 singles

1 Nestor (ryu, sagat, akuma)
2 Wall (gouki, rufus)
3 smoothcat (chun li)
4 nerdjosh (sagat)
5 Ernest (gief)
5 illwill (Kenneth masters)
7 auto demon (gouki)
7 dam dai (viper, ken, maybe some gief)
9 forever higher (mr bibson)
9 Rob Stevens (sagat, honda, rog?)
9 defcon (bibson)
9 Lucky D (sim)
13 Zorin
13 gabe brn
13 jimmy f
13 wave of babies
17 monakai
17 RO
17 pancho
17 brainy
17 Chris Ong
17 seiya (mike)
17 rich
17 angryj
25 xstars
25 leo
25 effulbao
25 craz
25 mr dash
25 drew
25 Gonzalez
25 apex
33 Colin
33 Shankar
33 Ralph
33 tom
33 NIW
33 blue 9
33 Juice

1 Damdai (ken)
2 Wall (bison, honda)
3 craig (hawk fei )
4 nerdjosh (chun)
5 monakai
5 rich
7 hidef
7 apex
9 pancho
9 blue 9
9 buddah weapon
9 effulbao
13 Zorin
13 Shankar
13 ass commander
13 leo
17 superJay

Ill edit in the BB and TF results as soon as I get them from gonzo. TF is fun at 1 am bored as fuck but thats that.

shoutouts to everyone that came as always thanks guys for supporting. To everyone that brought setups much appreciated wouldnt be a tourny without you guys.

Seb: thanks for coming and rcording the matches much appreciated you need to get in there so I can commentate on YOUR matches. Hope you enjoyed the steak.

Damdai: goodshit in HDR very solid I dont know how you reversed every meaty(fuckin new scrubby games with easy reversals?) wish someone would play this game with me no interest around here im sure you play only a couple guys anyways. Asi for sf4 you need to find a character and stick with i say gief and viper for you.

autodemon: thx for coming well get some gouki matches online for sure.

josh: thx for coming good job placing in 4 and bb.

to all my h8 guys goodshit love you guys no homo thx for holding it down

springfield crew: thx for coming guys much appreciated always a pleasure. Gonzalez thank you for helping me run things your good in my book. Pancho, zoob, blue9(i know ct), zorin. where was justo I wanted to go get a soda.:razzy: Oh and cant forget fortunate daniel thx for coming your sim is always improving Tom and CP you guys dissapoint me make me a very sad clown.

Gabe ,chris, mike, jimmy, defcon, thx for coming guys good stuff everytime we need to get together and practice more. ( think thats goes for everyone why I do these things)

Rob:BPT! good shit I need to head up and play when you guys have sessions step my shit up you know your always welcome down here when you got free time. Also you need to hit me up when your online but most of the time im playing someone offline same goes to nerdjosh so send me an invite when your bored.

craig:thx for coming this time congrats on your st placing why arent you playing 4 with your brother?

I had a blast I hope everyone else did too so if I left you out im sorry( not really) till next time North East baby hold me down. Thanks for supporting me and my fam.

im out!

Gs Paul how the hell did you get 2nd LOL LOL.

Great job Nes.

Good shit to everyone. We effed up! Was looking forward to it but what’re you gonna do :[

See you guys at the next one. :china:

GGs to everyone.

Craz: Nice meeting you, sorry for the automatic counterpicking.


Nerdjosh: If you had beaten Neto and had to play me again I think you would have won. Your Carl is a monster.

Wave, Neil (I can’t remember your tag): Thanks for the rides.

My partner in teams: I forgot to give you my part of the entrance fee, I’ll get you back next time there’s a tournament or something.

Hey man, its Neal. no prob on the ride. GGS in SF4 casuals too. next time i’ll need some Blaz Blue lessons.

watch the vids

when you get a train and a truck together, there’s just bound to be a bloodbath.

shout outs to everyone that came out and everyone i played.

craig stop being a bum and get on that SF4 crack, gs in HDR for not going to tournaments ever. stick with hawk man, you’re too beastly with him.

gabe - what can i say man, we are broken. :rofl: good shit in teams homey, you held me down when i started playing like ass (in the grand finals lmao).

team great friends - good showingbert by everyone. we’ll keep up with the crack sessions and keep improving, it’s what i like to seebert.

team h8 - good shit guys keeping the top 3 spots in singles. ya’ll are beasts, but we don’t get to practice enough together. that shit’s gotta change.

Paul - best damn tournaments ever! booze, amazing food (mama wall knows how to cook for big rigs), good people and a great event, what can i say other than thanks for doing what you do man. i’ll try and bring a setup next time (a CRT and a PS3 with SF4) if i have room in my truck. again, thanks for the hospitality and that rum and pineapple and nyquil that fucked me up :looney::rofl: i don’t think i’ve ever passed out so fast.

I keep hearing about the food I will break my neck to get up there.

Wait, i didn’t use sagat. :annoy:

Thanks Seb, Damdai, Andy and my boy Josh for making it.

Apex: Nice to meet you man, hopefully you can make it to the next one.

Danr: I wont forgive you for ditching me on the team tourney. I was going to use Viper. Super Ern had to hold it down but I blame this loss on you obviously.

See the rest of you soon. 33hours of no sleep ftl ggs all

BigE! we need a rematch with you and Ralph.

He should of got 1st cause he was on that volcano fire but the capture equipment was making the TV lag for the finals (switched from CRT tv) and we just played it thru to get it over with fast (bad idea), it was like 3 bars online. :shake:

Goodshit to everyone i played.

OMFG…BIPSON GOT TOP 10… I feel like a proud parent right now…hold me down bipson! hold me down!

@Wall: you always run the best tournaments. good shit and hope to see your beastliness at GU sometime soon
@Damdai: good shit for eliminating me. I’ll try not to be so free next time
@Nestor: one day mr nestor, one day i will repay the deed of sending me to losers tewice consecutively. perhaps i’ll be worthy of your sagat by then
@Seb: best commentary in the country. book it
@smooth: good shit on 3rd. thanks for the tips. I’ll get that top 8 chun together for sure by the next time we meet.
@tom/ cp: call me if this happens again. I’m close enough to lowell where it’s not a problem to give you guys a ride if neccesary

Couldn’t think of a better place to come back to the scene at.

Shout outs to everyone I met and saw again after a long ass time. Missed all of ya.

It was good seeing everyone again. Had fun, but its too bad i had to leave early and couldnt stay for singles. Gabe/Chris/defcon/seiya/rob, we really need to train together. I havent really played since my tv broke 3 months ago lol

LuckyD - Close intense matches, no health left with only 5 seconds left! It’s always a big zoning game whenever we play haha

Nestor- your akuma is too beastly, is that your 2nd main now?

Apex - we should get some games in, i’ll show you what to do against claw lol

Blue 9 - Nice meeting you man, CHIEW CHIEW!

Paul Wall - Another good tournament, good stuff on getting 2nd in both teams and singles. Cant wait for the next tourney!

Good seeing everyone again. We all really need to get together more and practice.
Great Friendz: good job taking teams. too bad we had to eliminate eachtoher in singles so early lol. Everyone is gettin better and I saw it this weekend.

Paul: great tourney as always. hopefully next time we get to stay and get them sessions in. Count us in for the next one.

boooooodaaaa: Ill let u know when we play haha.

lucky dizzle: u gettin better man, work on what i told u and u will be gdlk.

Good seeing you all I had a great time. On to the next!

Blue9: It was good teaming with you on team bad man, hopefully we can do better next time.

Everyone: Nice seeing yall, and good shit.

Scrubby Nestor winning again. =p

P.S.: Fuck you, Nes.

P.P.S.: Good shit to you and Wall securing first and second. AND Bipson makes top 10. Good shit.

felt like shit all weekend sorry i missed this one :[

good shit to rob and gabe for taking teams and grats to nes for taking singles

yo good shit to everyone it was cool hanging out with everyone.

LuckyD - good seeing you. your sim is getting better everytime i see it. keep it up

Vigilante - Tom you furete is nice son and switching it up to gouken. solid shit.

da h8 - good seeing you guys. illest wilson with the stupid ken OMG. smoothest pussykat FUCK YOU! nah good seeing you we’ll do that runback the next time. Nestor and Evil Ern good seeing you guy i always learn so much just talkin to you guys.

Paul - Great tourney as always. cant wait for the next one. also the best food ever.

I just want to get at the guy who knocked me out of the HDR tournament =)

So if you read this you know who you are, ft 3 5$ next time we meet?

Let us fight … like Gentlemen

Yo Wall, I teamed with Blue9 for the team tourney for the record, my name ain’t up there yo! :cool:

tourney was alot of fun

worst part was the next day when i woke up on the first sofa bed ever made to joey crack drinking the rest of my beer