The only thing keeping me from an SE stick

From what I’ve gathered, the SE comes with a washer issue that wrecks a PCB. Well, it all comes down to this…

Basically, if the arcade stick only has one PCB, and that gets broken by the washer then I’m screwed unless I replace the stick from the get go.

BUT, if arcade sticks have multiple PCB’s and the only one that gets wrecked is the stick’s… then I can play the stick until it stops working then mod with a sanwa JLF (because the other PCB’s still work).

so… do arcade sticks have multiple PCB’s and is the only PCB that gets wrecked by the washer the stick’s (like the literal stick)?

Sorry if my wording is confusing. I’m not into the arcade stick know-how.

I’m 99% sure that the washer problem has been fixed but yes there are more than one PCB in there. If the washer problem still exists, it’ll go away if you mod your SE with a JLF.

Edit: You really should change the buttons on the SE too. The stock ones work, but they’re horrible.

First of all no the washer issue does not “wreck” the PCB i dont know where you got that from. And in the event the PCB gets wrecked you can easily wire up a new one for not much money.

erm yeah…

so basically, when you buy a new stick, that new stick has its own new PCB?

The washer issue with the first run (only) of SE sticks can potentially mess up the pcb the stick is sitting on. Not the pcb that receives signals from the stick/buttons and sends signals to the console. If your SE stick dies, you can replace the stick without the rest having been harmed.

The stick pcb can be seen here for the jlf; the SE stick is very similar in construction because it’s a knock-off. This stick pcb is just to route the 4 directional inputs and common ground signals to the standard 5-pin connector. Some sticks don’t even have a pcb for this purpose:

To put it in one sentence, there is a Joystick Joystick PCB, and then there is a main controller pcb, two pcbs total.

JLF or LS immediately.

Cthulhu for when the main board dies.

And for god’s sake, get some new buttons.

In the SE’s defense, it is quite a nice little shell.

I got 99 problems but a washer ain’t one

So - how does one parse that 99 into Ryu and Sagat?

very useful info, thanks alot. but what about when one of the buttons die? Thats like the buttons micro chip or whatever, not the main PCB right?

Go read that.

What do 360 users replace the main board with?

Padhacked 360 controller?

If a button dies u jus replace it…one button is like 3 dollars…if u play on the default SE buttons, u’ll suck cause they are horrible…changing button on an SE is really easy cause they already have quick disconnects…just buy an SE and mod it…If you dont know anything, u’ll learn.

just get a custom from one of these srk guys

A PS3.


You meant when the stick’s main board dies… :rofl: