The Official "WTS STICK" thread

heres what ive done with the stick.
switched the red turbo buttons from my HRAP2 into it.
changed the balltop. i dont know if its grey or black.
replaced stock buttons with sanwa dark hais.
put into two button plugs.
start and select are also sanwas.

$160 + shipping.
us only, no hawaii or alaska.

another price drop.

That’s pretty. Good luck

Pretty and functional as well. Thanks!

All these threads clutter up the place so this is where you post to sell whatever stick you’re trying to get rid of.
This isn’t a thread for stick makers to take orders, it’s for people to put up their used customs, hraps, TE’s, whatever they have.
All WTS Sticks threads will be merged into this one from now on.

Sellers, when putting a stick up please include
-price (including domestic shipping)
-current parts

  • and if you’re trying to get rid of it locally/ship to US only/shipping International.

Buyers please
-don’t quote images
-post in the thread if you contact the seller by PM just to keep a trackable priority order
-all other Outlet rules still apply.

Hopefully this will remove some clutter.
Happy selling!

HRAP 3 (ps3) SOLD

Damn, that’s really nice looking.

Why thank you, I took some time out on the finish thanks so much for noticing :slight_smile:

souji would u ship ur customs sticks to canada. i would love one from u. would like a custom from scratch with the style 8 buttons ps3 and a led up buttons

Sure I’m always open for custom requests, PM me with your desired layout for the buttons, color of choice, box style (slanted, low pro, rectangular,square) and your shipping address so I can get a quote for you. Also if you know what pcb you want please list that as well.


wts TE dual mod

im selling a te stick that has been modded for ps3 and 360, price is $300 and ill pay for shipping and handling. trying to sell asap.comes with sanwa bat also and if you throw in a **pelican converter **or a converter that works with this pcb( ill lower it to $250 an ill still pay for shipping and handling

this is the sf4 stick that is 360 and ps3 playable - See this image on Photobucket.

its hooked up to a switch inside were the cord goes. - See this image on Photobucket.

here is the switch
the switch that works your ps3 and 360 pcb - See this image on Photobucket.

No offense but damn 350 and it’s not even dual modded? Well good luck i’m sure it’ll sell to someone.

I’m pretty sure that you can’t ask for price. You have to state a price.


Those are the rules. Good luck on your sale.

my fault fixed and thank u

^ He’s right it is one of the rules, looks like you rebuilt it from scratch props, does the turbo / guide button still work on it?

no my boy went on a rage rampage on it.he told me about it and i was shocked. i asked him if i could have it so i had to put it back together. it sucks to that he did that but i worked hard on it trying to breath life back into it.

just wondering in what state you live in?