The Official Unofficial SkullGirls IRC Chat

With recent events, and resurrection of the Skype thread, more and more people want to join the Skype group.

Having to add people into the Skype Chat can make people feel unwanted or alienated if they don’t get added right away, even if there isn’t any malice intended. Not everyone is available to add people into the Skype chat and others may feel uncomfortable adding strangers onto their Skype Contact List.

With an IRC we can just send out the info to join, and anyone can join freely.

Steps to join the IRC

Click this link to join via mibbit or follow the steps below to use a client.

Download an IRC client
I recommend NetTalk because these steps are going to go through the NetTalk IRC client, but, you can also use mIRC or any other IRC client you find.

[]Once you have installed NetTalk, at the top left corner click “NEW”
]type in the “IP or Server Name” box
[]Click “NEXT”
]Type your nickname in the “Nickname” box. No other fields are required.
[*]Click “Complete”
Joining #SkullGirls
By now, it should have already put you in the Mizuumi tab, but if you’re not there, click the tab, then type
/join #skullgirls

And Voila, you have joined the SkullGirls IRC Chat. Say hello and start talking!

There’s also #skullgirls on and

mIRC instructions

  1. Put in as little as a nick on the first screen

  2. /server [one of the 3 above servers] in the chat box

  3. /join #skullgirls in the chat box

If you want to join the channel automatically after connecting to [server], bring up the favorites menu again (it’s the little heart icon at the top, by default it’s the 3rd one on the newest mIRC). Click Add, type the channel name in the top box (include the #), then at the bottom under Networks click add, then find the server on that list and click OK. If you want the channel to be automatically joined, just check the Join on ‘connect’ check box and you will join automatically when you connect to EFnet.

Or click Favorites at the menu bar, add to favorites when logged into the #skullgirls channel you want to favorite and check join on connect

Why dose this look complicated to me!?

I am going to try it anyways. XD

Found a way to connect to the mizuumi chat through mibbit, so now if you don’t want to use an IRC client, just click the link at the top.

We need to have a standard chat so I don’t have to idle in all 3 at the same time.

Just use mizuumi. Don’t mind the rest.

just click on the mibbit link:

Yes, that link is in the first post. It’s right above “Step 1”.

I made a new thread for the IRC on dustloop

Is the IRC still alive?

You could always just have tried out joining it.
Yes, it is. The IRC and Skullheart are the two places that still exist.