The Official Tekken 5 Jin Kazama Thread

Allright, with the indoctrine of this thread, I’d like to get one thing clear and out of the way at it’s outset:

I’m a complete scrub at Tekken.

This thread is more for me than anyone else.

Now that that’s been established lets move on to discussing the one and only chracter that has managed to entice my interest in this series;

Mr Jin Kazama.

I hear he’s mid tier yadda yadda, don’t really care. He’s stylish and really, that’s all that counts.

A few questions to get this thread started:

  1. Does anyone know a list of his Natural Combos and Natural on Counter Combos?

  2. What are people doing to get over his “low problem”?

  3. I noticed that his Wavedash, Crouch Dash and CDS can be cancelled by tapping foward (“dash cancelled”? :confused: ). What kind of mixups are people pulling with this?

  4. What are his most damaging known juggles? I’ve been using Launcher, b,f+2,1,b,f+2,1 (delay) 2. I heard you could juggle with his CD+4, what are combos are possible from this move?

Thanx in advance.



Ws2, Ewhf,DB223 = 59
ws2, Ewhf,ewhf = 53 (just for show really)
Ws2, BF 21, 1, Downback 223 = 55
CD (crouchdash/wavedash) 1, bf 21, 1~33, down 4 As far as i know this is the most damaging non CH combo i can find with him taking about 68 I not even sure if the down 4 is guranteed i’m pretty sure it is.

I haven’t really exprimented much with him he seem to lack alot of deapth in terms of combos, but what he does have is pretty solid.

Off a CD+4:

  • db+2,2,3
  • cd,n+4, df+1, db+2,2,3
  • cd,n+4, b,f+2,1, db+2,(2),3 (Semi Bigs)

The combo you have is right now the best one I can find, it does more then the b,f 2,1 d/b 2,2,3. All ive been doing is b,f 2, 1 b, f 2,1,2, ive been experimenting with trying to hit d/b 2,2,3 after the second b,f 2,1 and ive gotten it to hit acouple times just not consistently, im not even sure if its fully possible, just something to fuck around with.

Basic Jin shit:

d/f 1, 4 - Best poke, safest poke: You can slo do d/f 1,4,4 which turns the 4 into a low which leads to a free d/b 2,2,3 - its just not safe on block
2,4 - Great for punishing just dont make a habit out of throwing it out, the 4 can be ducked high leading to any ws move for your opponent.
b-1, New Stance, he has a punch parry reversal out of it and a sweep. It also buffers the foward dash motion in, ie b-1 d,df, 1, = electric.
1, 2
1, d+3
D 4
f 2, 3,3
u/f 4 - launcher
d/f 2 - launcher on counter hit
ws 2
F+4= if hit on counter leads to a free d/b 2,2,3
B+4 - Its a decent poke to get people who like to bulldog off you, just not abusable.

Actually if you do launch, b,f+2,1, 1, d/b+2,2,3 it will do the same damage as doing the b,f+2,1 b,f+2,1>2 juggle.

No you get a free 4,3 off it. Posted the wrong thing my fault.

Also braindead Wall Jin shit, 1,3,2,1,4 its actually called the kazama fury, does about 42-46 percent just for that combo. Good if you knock your opponent into the wall or to end a wall combo, knowing your spacing is a must though.

Don’t forget uf+2 too…tech crouch, sidestep, hits mid…nice little addition to his game.