The Official NHL 2009-2010 Thread. Playoff Edition

Offseason news:

Detroit, St. Louis, Chicago & the Florida teams will open the 2009-2010 NHL season in Europe.

Luongo extended.

Hossa to Chicago

Crosby is a bitch.

Heatly is the biggest bitch. Guy burns all his bridges in Ottawa, then asks for a trade. Edmonton offers them a damn good trade (not to mention we’d get rid of Penner) and he sips his margarita and says no.
Talks about Comrie coming back to Edmonton. Nobody likes him
Kane Toewewewews and Hossa will be fun to watch, and Montreal looks completely different.

**Official F*ck you, ________ list of players:

Sidney Crysby
Dany Heatley
Alexander Overchicken

League Number - **108713 **
League Name - **SRK
**League Password - wedabest

Maximum of 20 people in the league, so step up


Fuck Ovechkin

Go Blackhawks…:tup:

I’ve always wanted to do Fantasy Hockey, but I’ve never had the balls to.


This aint for anything serious.

if you like hockey, just get in there. and rub it in if you rank higher than someone else

I’ll probably try out the hockey fantasy league. Sounds interesting and new if nothing else

I’m down for the fantasy hockey league.

I don’t know how you guys can hate Ovechkin, the guy is a maniac.

I’m a huge fan Ovie.

At least he isn’t bitching all the time like Crosby. How can you hate. He’s basically like LeBron of the NHL. Shoulders the load of his team.

Even without Crosby, the Pens still have Malkin, McFleury, Staal, Orpik, etc, etc… huge amounts of talent

I like Ovie’s attitude almost more than his ability on the ice. Videos of him riding a segway with a caps jersey and a cape driving around town like a goofball always puts a smile on my face.

But on the other hand, Crosby’s been bred (practically) to know hes supposed to be Mr. Canadian Hockey eventually, and has had people say hes got a huge mantle to wear, since everyone expects so much of him. So I guess he is a bit more pressured.

Joined the league, so I guess I don’t have to worry about this draft stuff until Oct 1?

I never really watched hockey before, but playing fantasy football/baseball etc. got me interested in those sports, so I figure it might work for hockey too. The problem is that it is during Fantasy Basketball season. :coffee:


Sept 30 is the start day of the season, which is when draft is auto done, based on the rankings of players you want. so, make a team wish-list by then and you’re golden.

Also, I never could follow basketball myself, nor do I have the Swagger to play it myself, so I have no conflicts of interest, but I understand if lots of Sports addict SRK’ers do.

Hockey is the best sport live, and has benefited the most from HD.

I have seasons for that team that plays in MSG…you know they have that Lundqvist guy.

Many people I know play fantasy hockey, and every year several people ask me to play and I have zero interest.

Crosby, Ovechkin, Malkin…it is seriously a great time to be a hockey fan. Two, possibly THREE generational talents.

Wish one was a Ranger.

Go Wild!

I like the penguins. But I didn’t like them before they were cup contenders.

<3 crosby

for some reason i agree to this list…

They are all amazing players but for some reason i can’t stand them…

I attribute my hate towards Crosby strictly because he was brought into a private high school in Min. the same time i was a senior in High School in wisconsin so it’s all jealousy from him making it to the next level and me abandoning the dream for a more “realistic” career.

Now they just need to benefit from a competent commissioner who knows what a national TV network deal is.

And lol @ Overchicken. Send that to the Pens fans so they can chant it when those teams meet.

I wanna watch the NHL this season, but I have no TV. Are there any places online that I can watch some games?