The Official "MUGEN Fighting Game Engine" : Tutorials, Links, Characters, Stages

What is mugen?
Mugen is a fighting game engine. It was originally developed by Elecbyte from 1998-2002. The game engine started out pretty bland at first, but it allowed you to create dream matches such as Kyo Vs Ryu FAR before the CvS series came out. The first character to be made for it was made by the elecbyte development team. His name is kung-fu man, and has progressed right along with the engine. Every release of the engine has added more options for coding, now it is at the point where you can code ANYTHING you like, from CustomCombo commands to Parrying even to random lvl 3 supers when preforming a super.

Where can i get it
The current and most used version of mugen is “WinMugen” Which was created by the NoLimit Team.


  1. Download the No Limit Mugen Patch(the actual engine)
  2. Download the patch fix and put it in your mugen folder, run it and find the directory with the browse feature with the fix. Run the fix.

Ok now i have it, where do i get characters and stages?
You can find these at the sites in the link section of this thread

How do i change the look of my mugen?
You will need to download and install screenpacks and lifebars.

Once you download them make sure to put the files in the correct places, and READ THE README for them. Some ask to be put in subfolders in the data folder and some require you to place them straight into the folder.

These can also be found on the sites in the links section.

Installing Characters
Now this is actually pretty easy, and yes i am calling you a dumb ass if you can’t do it. But ok here is a tutorial on how to do it.

  1. Download Character
  2. Unzip them with winzip or Winrar to your “chars” folder. Make sure that when you unzip you use the name of the .def file of that character for the folder you need to make for them. Also make sure that you do not have a folder inside a folder, or it wont work.
  3. Go to data folder and open up select.def
  4. Find the spots to place your characters if using a screenpack. If not just place them in there like this

-If there is no stage then just do , order=1-10
-Order = diffidulty and placement of character in arcade mode, 10 = hardest obviously

Character reccomendations
Evil Dan - ?
Evil Ken - reu
Evil Ryu - reu
Ogre Akuma - ?
Broli - Cute Flowa Girl
Yun - Cute Flowa Girl & Necromancer (has genijin only, but qcb x2, i will post my edited yun.cmd to make it qcf x2.
Dark Chun Li - Big ELi King
Dragon Claw - Reu

Adding stages & Making them play music

  1. Download stage
  2. Unzip them with winzip or Winrar to your “stages” folder.
  3. Open up select.def and go down to the “extra stages” area
  4. Install them like so
  1. To add music to your stage, go into the stages folder and find the .def of the stage you want to add music to. Place your .mp3 or .wav into your sound folder.

  2. Add your mp3/wav to the music part of the stage

  1. If you are adding a stage as someone’s specific stage then do not add it to the extra stages area, add it after the first ", " behind that character and use the same way to install as stated in character part


These places are where you get your stages/screenpacks/characters (random kof characters) (cammy, mai, nude mai) (lots o bookmarks)

Tutorial with pictures much similar to mine:

Stage Creation(these are in different languages… cant help that just do your best) (in french, use babble fish to translate) (advanced stage making & basics guide)

Character Creation
MCM tut (chinese):

Sprite Capturing
3s sprite capturing:



Since Capcom wont make SF4, I will! Thx!

some say it’s scheduled for 2007… but i highly doubt it

i will update the main post with character recomendations as well

how do you enlarge the screen? LOL


Orge Akuma is by Jun

TY, i completley forgot who made him, i havnt been in the community for 2 years.

ok i was completely attracted to the 524 characters so without thinking first i went straight for the screen pack

but now it wont open, it says “ERROR MESSAGE: cant open data/mugen.cfg. Make sure you have extracted with directories Error reading data/mugen.cfg” arghrgrgh fat character roster was way too attractive

that screenpack dont work with winmugen


how about that 60 character thing then?

oh yeah and can you use a ps2 pad usb converter with this?

and how do i uninstall/get rid of it so i can download it again LOL its all messed up because of that 524 character thingy

yes, go into the options, hit f1 then go to “joystick” hit enter and turn it to auto. then go down one and hit enter again, hit f1 and press the buttons in order

going in order it should be

bottom 3
top 3
start as start

cool thanx, if i dont sort this one out ill just download it on the other comp :tup:

or just make a new folder with it in it? it’s not like it’s a perminently installed program or nothing.

ok everythings sorted now except one thing…

can i do the 60 characters update?

This topic popped up as soon as I just got into WinMugen…Cool :^) . Anyway I have a question. Where can I dl Thor?

So the old thread is obsolete now? Should it be merged or deleted? There’s some good shit in the other one too…

erm… final fantasy backgrounds? youve gotta be fucking kidding me this is nearly heaven :rofl:

he is on the main page atm as the “char of the month”

but I dont know how to get him from mugenesis

apparently he isnt on there anymore… aim me if u want him