The Official Mass Effect 3 Thread: True Ending only 1600 MS Points

A decent amount of ME3 informant has been coming out so I figured it was about time for a thread. Of course any discussion about ME can go in this thread.There will be spoilers for anyone who may not have beat the first or second ME just a fair warning. I will also not be using spoiler tags as long as these games have now been out.

First all the ME3 information first:


I have to be honest I am not sure how I feel about MP in Mass Effect. The fact that it is Coop is actually good though, this game doesn’t need TDM. Although this could tie into the countless rumors that they want to start a ME MMORPG, which I would be interested in if done right.

This being the last game in this trilogy there is alot to be expected. Obviously an all out war with the Reapers, how the Illusive Man will react depending on what you decided. Once again being in the Alliance and how that will play out. How they will handle the squad situation again and who will be returning as your squad mates. Some we know like Tali is coming back they pretty much made that clear, I actually hope Jacob does as well he was a good character. I do not expect Mordin or Samara or Thane or Kasumi or Zaeed to come back. I hope Legion is, he really threw a monkey wrench into what everyone thought they knew. I had a feeling they were going to do this but it was still a WOW moment. Garrus will be there I have no doubts about that and either Grunt or Wrex, more then likely Grunt. It is a tossup on Miranda, she may still work for Cerberus for some odd reason. I have a feeling Ashley Williams will be back as well. Kelly needs to come back to.

Right now in ME2 I have all the achievements 4 and 2 of them will be easy for me to get shortly. The other is going to require me to beat the game on Insanity which I am now working on doing. I have 3 characters right now in ME2, 2 I have beat the story with 1 I have beat everything with. I have one female Shepard who is a Soldier who hooked up with Kelly. I have a male Sentinel who is with Tail and the third I just started on Insanity. All my characters for the most part are good and have been throughout both games. I have tried to make evil characters and just can not seem to do it for some reason.

For some choices I choose to rewrite the Geth, I hard Mordin not kill his former colleague. I had Miranda talk to her sister, obviously Liara is the new Shadow Broker if you played the Shadow Broker DLC(which was by far the best DLC in ME2).

All I have for right now, any thoughts on the game or past games by anyone else. Anything you are looking forward to, or any fears that EA will fuck this up. Thoughts on a possible ME MMORPG?

I’m gonna have to replay both 1 and 2, lost my save files in the process of replacing my harddrive. I’m probably going to end up grinding it out right before this comes out though.

They only mention Xbox Live in the trailer, but I assume PC will have this functionality as well? Cause that would be pretty fucking stupid otherwise.

I’d be all for a ME MMO but what I’d really like to see is another RPG after set in the universe but a bit lower in scope and more character focused. Something like playing a detective following a case and exploring the galaxy for clues or something else interesting but more low key. And goddammit let me get that Krogan Asari chick as a chef on the ship, that chicks awesome.

Most of the bitching on SRK about how EA interfered with ME2 is just typical ignorant haterade except for the cerberus card bullshit. I loved how ME2 came out it’s superior in every way to ME1 my only complaint is how instead of being able to customize your gun you just upgraded to a better one but then again ME1 weapon inventory system was such a cluttered unwieldy mess it wasn’t much of a downgrade. I love the ME series more then any other 3d game it’s really everything I could want and I’m pretty hype for co op and am glad their doing it COD style instead of trying to tie it into the main narrative which would be a mess.

The cover system, shooting controls, and powers in ME2 were so tight they would easily translate well to a gears of war style TDM (look how UC2:The Liandri conflict or Transformers: WFC turned out.) As long as it doesn’t come at the expense of single player I totally support ME3 MP.

Hope bioware keeps up the good work and that everyone else (especially asian developers) take note of how to tell a story using the strength of the gaming medium.

Never played a Mass Effect game…this looks interesting.

MP will be on all platforms of course as should be the carry over stuff.

I’m not 100% on this but I do believe they’ll be including something in ME3 like the motion comic they did for ME2 so you might not have to replay the first two if you want your decisions to carry over.

Also, as a fellow PC Mass Effecter/SRK’er, we should totally team up for some co-op.

Gears of Effect 3?

You all should know from my EA thread how I feel about this.

all I can say is this: they half-assed Dragon Age 2 imo, so their time and resources have better been well-spent with the development of ME3. the first game was what got me into playing the BioWare stuff, including older games like Neverwinter Nights (which I convinced my friends to play).

hmmm looking @ the trailer the MP sounds kinda intresting. man this is like my top 5 favorite game of all time. brought this game when both was under 20 bucks cause i never gave it a chance. brought both of em and the rest was history. all the characthers felt like they were really my crew and i cared about each of em…expect ashely she can go fuck herself after she curseed me out in me2 LOL. i acatully passed the suicide mission in ME2…i went to go look up afterwards to see if it was more about the misson and i was shocked to see they could actually died LOL

Any thoughts on the Arrival DLC for ME2, how that will play out.

Well, I think, if you’re asking how it will affect things, that the basis of Mass Effect 3 assumes you actually did Arrival. I have no idea what it’ll do if you never downloaded it. That being said, I’m certainly looking forward to the game, especially since being a PS3 owner, I didn’t get the chance to play through the first one.

Bioware announced the release date of the demo today.

14 February. The demo has single and multiplayer. You can access the multiplayer on the 14th if you have the code that comes with Battlefield 3, else you have to wait for the 17th.

Also, a few weeks back they announced a cross promotion between Mass Effect 3 and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. If you play the demo for Reckoning you can unlock two items into ME3 (check the pictures on the link below). The demo was released yesterday, so you might want to check it out.

Sucks that I have to wait that long for the demo but well…apparently it’s like the 2 first levels of the game for the single player, so hey. And it might give me a risk-free reason to try all the classes without having to go through the whole campaign of 2 again, lol.

Damn did ME 1 on xbox as well ME 2 then got my box stolen now to replay it on PS3. Look forward to it!

Sentinel class is where it’s at. Or, Vanguard from what I hear.

Wait so I need to install Origin on my computer to play this game?

That is kind of a super scumbag move by EA.

Mass Effect 3 on Origin more or less has to do with the way Bioware does their DLC on PC.

DLCs only explain a part of it.

That is the piece that bugs me if I’m reading it correctly - that you need to be logged on Origin to facilitate multiplayer.

I don’t even really care if it’s a one time DRM check thing, where I can just uninstall it after. But this just seems unnecessary.

Seems like a scumbag move to force customers to get their wacky program to increase their install base. Don’t like it.

a smart company would have called origin the matchmaking service