The Official I am a newb thread!

I see that alot of people are posing in seperate threads about them being scrubs and such. So i decided to make a thread deticated to newbs or srk. Post your problems here and someone will post back in order to help you out.

Street Fighter 3 is an awesome game, luckily I have 3 other friends who agree. I do not have delusions of being in tourneys which don’t exist in my area, and getting to be better/as good as [insert player]. I also understand that there isn’t a magical sentence someone can say to me that will make me completely understand the game and be able to beat everybody etc.

Blah blah blah noob threads are silly.

There is one word that could. “Believe”~


practice. And copy what the pro’s do it will make sense sooner or later.

dragonhou…silent sha…ummmm 3s masta, can you teach me how to low forwardxxxsuper?


I have a question, is it a given to use the “Digital pad” when playing the game on an Xbox? (I’m not sure the word for it, but I hope you understand digital pad) - I usually accidently jump and shit when using the analog stick, however I feel it’s easier to use it for nailing supercombos. Yesterday I asked in the SRK IRC channel about it and 3 people instantly said “Use the digital pad” - So the basic question is, are there different opinions on this, or is playing with the digital pad a given?

Thank you for replies.

hehe D-pad doesn’t stand for “digital pad”, it stands for Directional Pad. And if you really want to use an analog stick, buy a joystick, if you really want to get better the investment is worth it.

Well, having played this game for ~3 days, buying a joystick feels a bit to serious. However, if I do fall in love with the game totally I’ll probably buy a joystick, but that’s not all to relevant right now.

D-Pad is way better for my execution… SRK’s come out easier, and I don’t accidentally jump as much either. But, I play on PS2, and not X-Box, so I don’t have much experience w/ Controller S.

Super’s come with time on D-pad’s; it’s definately doable.

Alright, thank you for the answer. Since everyone is saying D-Pad I’ll just stay in trainingmode to keep practising those supers, EX’s etc. (Just learned how to do EX’s! :rofl: )

And since this is the official newbie thread, I’ll ask this question here aswell; " Learn xx mk/lk ducking xx super " - I read this like standing middlepunch, middle kick/low kick (You choose), duck, super. - What I’m wondering is what does xx mean?

Answers would be appriciated ~

“xx” means super cancel. I’m not a Dudley player, so I’m not sure if it’s actually a super cancel, but the combo goes “standing medium punch, linked into the light/medium kick version of Ducking, super cancelled into super.”

Alright, thanks … I think I’ll wait a bit trying to learn those kind of moves as I’m not very good at doing my specials yet.

I’ve always seen xx stand for ‘cancel’ super or otherwise. Like c.MKxxQFC+P

I think ‘x’ is cancel and ‘xx’ is super cancel, while the lack of any signifier is link/reset.

No, it’s really just a matter of how people are used to writing it. I use xx for cancels, comma for link, and just note resets as such because they’re not completely guaranteed anyway. I personally don’t make any distinction between a cancel and a super cancel as far as notation goes, because you’re still cancelling one move into another.

Well I know that I am a complete scrub with 3s… considering I played it for the FIRST TIME yesterday. I now seriously regret getting out of fighting games back in the day. I have played SC2-3 and Tekken 3-4-5… but almost nothing 2D for the better part of 4 years.

I was into FPS’s… but just recently… I heard the siren song of fighting games once again.

And this time… I am not messing around. I have gone all out, and ordered a stick from finkle. I Bought 2 games (KOF 2k2/2k3 and SF:Anniversary for PS2).

So really, I am at the ground level and am learning to parry, even though it is a BITCH to do consistently with the PS2 D-pad.

The problem is… I was never too good with an arcade stick… but then again… I never OWNED one. So hopefully it will not be a waste of money dropping the cash on a high-quality stick.

How do u get out of super grabs like, Alex’s Hyper Bomb, and hugos gigas breaker, or his 360 + P.

Not be on the ground.