The Official "How to play/use Akuma" thread

post ur strats and questions here for akuma.

Call Sentinel drones and ashura warp to the other side. when the last drone has them in blockstun, do Raging Demon. Really any assist that locks down your opponent lets you do the same thing. You can also try assists like Cable’s proj. and Doom’s AAA; but the timing is a little more strict.

P.S. C’mon jump in on this Raging Stephen.

I like using Akuma, Guile, and Iron man. One of my fav things to do is c.lp, c.lp, launch, sj, lp, lp, qcb hk, qcf pp (then if in a corner) dhc to Guile’s qcf pp, then dhc Iron Man’s qcf pp. It takes 3 full meters, but if you have the meter, and if it’s the last Character you’re fighting, it’s worth it.
Also, when I’m having a good day, I can kill a Mag, psyk, sent team. I just assist w/ IM’s anti air, and cross over w/ akuma. It’s a lot more effective than people think.