The Official Eugene Scene Thread

Yeah, that’s right. I figured it was about time to start a thread for our little college town after TaigaKnee and I got down on some casuals this evening. So, here’s the deal:

Play fighting games and also live in Eugene?
Don’t worry, there isn’t a fighting game scene here but you can help start one!

List of Players In the Eugene Area
Me (SG)

Games Played
(open to others, i guess)
I wanna hear from y’all, you mysterious and absent fg players. Throw me a pm to get my contact info, and we’ll figure something out, get the ‘crew’ together for casuals etc.
(also portland players are always welcome to contact us here in Eugene if you’re going to be coming through for any reason)


Good stuff meng. Also to note that we only play good games so far. IE MvC2, Cvs2, st, 3s, and the like.

Incorporated! Good lookin’ out. Get your DC back.

maybe we should throw something up at campus cause I bet those Froshies you were talking about have no idea about SRK. Maybe big city gaming on 13th and willamette would be a good place for a flyer too. I know a few peeps that I could get ahold of to bring back from the old school scene also.

Sounds good, man. I’ll throw something together in photoshop some time tomorrow or over the weekend and we’ll run around putting them up.

34 Views? :woot: Where are you goddamn Eugene players?

cool. Photoshop.

why is there a thread for a scene that has maybe 4 people…

Pretty hip thread. I think people just check it out to see if there is anyone who actually plays in Eugene… nope! just you two. lol.

Kidding, hopefully you can branch out to like Bend and shit. heh

Oh, hi. Hey. Yeah.

This was something I thought up last night, I think. There are more incoming freshman to the U of O then ever, and there have to be SOME that play fighting games. So I plop this thread down just in case they decide “I wonder if there’s anyone else with similar gaming interests…” and the same with the fliers around school. We gotta build!

Make a club, take advantage of the resources available.
We get to host so much stuff and have access to consoles / games / etc because we push it so much at school. Its a goldmine of opportunity.

:tup: Epic idea. I’ll look into it for sure.

I know you guys get access to a room every wednesday or something but do you guys also get hooked up with tv’s? I think I remember hearing something about you guys getting funding also. Is there any truth to that? Thanks Mark.

yo i might end up frequenting the eugene area in the next month or two i’ll let you know when i go we can play some 3s.

uhhhhh. Mark? Sam Yeezy? or anyone from random select. . . . ?

And mack hit a brutha up and we’ll see you when you get here.

Good shit, hope to play you soon! :tup:

I’m always down for some 3s games. Didn’t get to play at all last year at school

tight man. Pm one of us your number or somethin and we’ll get you in on the casuals.

Ahem. Bump.