The Official EHGL/BHGL Thread

What’s up guys. For those of you who looked into this thread, the reason why it’s been created is because I’m planning to run some tourneys for CvS2/MvC2 in the future here. We’re in the process of getting 3S there, and there will also be some T5 tourneys as well, which are ran by someone else. But all these will be posted in the near future. I’ll update on tourney dates and things that we at EHGL have in store for the players in the future.

Okay when is the best day to go to bhgolfland or eh golfland

also where is eh golfland at, I only know where bhgolfland is at.

blossom hill golfland = emerald hills golfland. its just like sunnyvale golfland = golfland usa. golfland is by oakridge mall in san jose. the best days to go are tuesday and friday nights. also it has the arcade mania on saturday mornings for $5. thats a dollar less than sunnyvale.

also, for those who dont know me, my name is troy and i work at golfland in san jose. ive been working with magnus02, chunksta, and some tekken players in an attempt at throwing some tournaments together.

if anybody wants to go to ehgl just say so and i will drive down for some matches (i live like 5 mins away).

we have to get norcal strong for evo! =]

Ah okay thx man didn’t now that before, I always thought ehgolfland was somewhere else in the bay area.

SVGL BOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! WUDDDDDDUP!!! Hahahaha, j/p. Where’s Robert at? I know that fool has an’ acount here, haha. =P

LOL, i’ll tell that mofo to get his ass up in dis house, oh korngo, msg me asap dawg, i need to talk to u bout da schedulin and shit ^_-

I own Magnus02 4 life!

every man owns magnus02!!!

the only beef with bhgl is the glare on CVS2 its fucking annoying!!!

somebody cheesed me and i didn’t even know it

the glare will be fixed. MAYBE tomorrow.

hey hey, someone besides me and these peeps keep this forum busy =D

What times and days are your tokken specials?

its the same as sunnyvale. tuesdays after 5 is the token special. saturdays from 9-12 its arcade mania.

alright i spent the WHOLE night moving games so that cvs2 is out of the glare spot. i broke a whole cabinet and accidentally ripped up the floor (one of the machines had a broken leg so it was like a knife >_<)

so you guys better appreciate it.

Alright I’ll come to your tokken special next week or so then.

Anyone in the SantaClara/Sunnyvale Area interested in giving a scrub a ride out to Ehgl?

last night was a good night for the fighting games at ehgl. the nickel city mvc2 players were there, kyle was there beasting with team Z =]

for cvs2, robert, john choi, bhushan, plus the regulars were all there. i got to see an AMAZING sagat match between robert and john. crazy.

oh and bronson was there to try and stop roberts 40 win streak. right after kicking my ass at tekken and beating the guys at marvel.

thank you robert for not letting bronson own all three machines.

GGs tonight to the fools I played at cvs2 I got owned by jr and the eagle player, if that was robert. I need a fuckin stick instead of always usin a pad to pratice. Also ggs to battosai once again at CE and it was tight playin a co-op wit someone again.

I’ll try to come to this biohazard tourney comin up soon if I can get a ride.

This is a warning for you guys about the B.I.O Hazard tourney. You’re not guaranteed a spot unless you were in top 4/8 in the last tourney, or if don’t come early enough. I believe there will only be a maximum of 16 people allowed to join due to time constraints. I’m not the person running the tourney, but if you guys do want more info, ask me, and I can definitely post about it, otherwise, the person who is running this tourney may post in here himself.

Robert: You mofo, next time i’m there, you KNOW you won’t get a 40 win streak when i’m there, LOL.

P.S. I’m gonna be there at EHGL at about 6:00 Tuesday night

roberts win streak ends for no man!

and anthony, you are only lucky ass mofo. you and your scrub cable :slight_smile:

rage, it was nice meeting you. yeah robert was using eagle. he was just messing around though. i hardly see him use eagle. and junior is good. hes probably the fastest improving player at ehgl. so dont feel too bad.

Oh, i forgot to mention one final note: 1st player side MvC2 Button, the assist 2 button is messed up. =] Thanks Troy

i’ve been goin to blossom for like 8 monthes and let me tell you, the assist 2 guranteed always gives out like every month. shit is annoying, but hey on the plus you learn to save ur assist… :xeye: …no