The Official DBFZ Team Building/Team Composition Thread

Any talk regarding questions and discussions on team building, synergy and optimisation can go here.

Before you have any questions I’ll go over the raw basics of team building and the logic behind it for players starting out or players new to VS style games.

Nowadays characters are usually broken up into 3 categories: Point, Assist and Anchor:

Point: Often your starting character but you can have teams with multiple Points. Can typically be the character you want to build your team around, will also be a character that improves significantly with certain assists behind him/her.
Assist: This character will have an assist that’s valuable to the characters ahead of them, or in other words will improve the point’s neutral game.
Anchor: Your last character. Will be effective solo due to the ability to deal good solo damage and be able to play a strong neutral on their own to allow the possibility to make comebacks.

Common Team Structures:
Point/Assist/Assist - The idea here is to optimise your Point’s neutral game with 2 strong neutral assists. Example: 18/Goku/Vegeta.
Point/Point/Assist - 2 characters that don’t necessarily have good neutral assists, but are backed up by the last character who has an assist to supplement both. Example: Hit/Yamcha/Goku Black.
Point/Assist/Anchor - Your Point backed up by an Assist, with an Anchor that may have some synergy options, but can also work independently from the first 2 chars. Example: Nappa/Vegeta/16.
Point/Point/Point or Point/Point/Anchor - The “SonicFox”, 3 characters that don’t have typically strong assists, usually to make up for this they’d need unique combo extensions and conversions, able to create unique mixup opportunities and have strong DHC routes. Ironically, while SonicFox flaunts the idea of using 3 points, his own team is actually more like Assist/Point/Anchor, and with his heavy rotation style, his Team format often corrects itself to a more standard layout like the ones you see above. His Team: Goku Black/Hit/16

Early Notable Assists:
Vegeta - Angled ki blasts. Commonly argued as the best assist in the game currently. Covers a good angle on screen, locks down for an extended period, makes for strong combo extension for multiple characters, will likely find some utility in your team.
Goku and Goku Black - Beam Assists with identical properties, provide decent lockdown and full horizontal coverage. Since they are Beams, they beat Super Dashes clean.
Cell - Angled Beam. Same lockdown on block to Goku and Goku Black’s difference being it covers around 3/4 of the screen and hits higher up, not quite as much utility as above but still strong.
Kid Buu - Arm Toss. Lockdown projectile, will only extend it’s animation on hit or block in which case it will hold you in place. Nice feature on this assist is that even though it’s a projectile it will leave the opponent standing on hit for easy confirms.
Teen and Adult Gohan - DP assists. Can work as decent AAs and “get-off me” options. Neither are invincible from the 1st frame, only invincible after touching the ground so they wont save you from tight pressure. Differences are Adult Gohan’s comes out slightly faster, whereas Teen Gohan’s cover’s more vertical space.
Tien - Beam Assist. Maintains all the Beam properties, but doesn’t provide the lockdown of other Beams as it only does a single hit. It still has some advantages over standard Beams. These being, it travels fastest of all the Beam Assists and knocks upward on hit instead of backward allowing easier conversions regardless of screen position.

Other key stuff to note:

  • Synergy isn’t just down to finding good neutral assists for your team, you often will want to find decent combo-ability with assists, Supers that link well together when DHC’d or characters that can cover another’s weaknesses.
  • Characters can fill multiple roles in a team. Cell can fill any role comfortably. 16 can function as either Point or an Anchor.
  • Some Point characters may benefit from being behind another Point that can help get their gameplan going. Yamcha being the early example.
  • It’s only been 2 and a half weeks and new stuff is being discovered constantly, so don’t be afraid to experiment with Team Comp.

I tried to keep it relatively simple but if I’ve missed some key stuff or got something blatantly wrong, just holla and I’ll edit it in.

I’m currently playing Frieza / SSJ Vegeta / Goku Black, after messing around with several different team configurations. This will probably be my main team for a long time.

The basis for the team was that I wanted a strong shell for Frieza, who’s by far my favorite character in this game. I never liked him as anchor due to his low damage outside of golden form, and wanted assists that would complement his gameplan for space control and mitigate his damage problem. The most obvious one was Goku / Black, as his assist helps with screen control and helps Friezas combos extremely well, raising his meterless midscreen damage from 2M from ~3.8k to ~4.7k and providing more corner carry. I started out with regular Goku, but in the end I ended up with Black as he’s just a better overall character as of now. Vegeta was added last; when the game dropped I initially didn’t like him and I was hesistant to put him on the team, but he’s grown on me recently and is definitely what my team lacked. His assist is great for space control, lockdown and corner combo extensions, and he works very well with Black behind him thanks to 236M into assist shenanigans.

The team has excellent space control, and tends to get the first hit by countering approach options rather than attacking itself. All characters are solid on offense as well; not quite 16, 18, A.Gohan or Cell level, but they do get the job done. The team is also quite resilient to having one of the characters dying; Frieza / Black, Vegeta / Black and Frieza / Vegeta are also quite powerful shells that can still challenge a 3 character team. Black is an excellent anchor, Frieza is an amazing anchor if can enter Golden (though not so much otherwise; this is part of why I don’t like him as anchor), and Vegeta works in a pinch even though he’s probably the worst out of the three.

My teams change all the time as meta changes and things are figured out, until about a point a year or 2 after a game has been out and matured is when I’ll generally settle on a main team.

For now I have “two” teams:

The shell, which seems and feels standard and has 2 character I don’t hate, Goku Black and SSj Vegeta. That’s the shell and I’m pretty happy with it, but it is also subject to change at any time.

For the point I’m trying out Vegeta blue. He has a lot of things I really wanted in a point like a really good projectile/ KI blast game, and he also has ways to beat people that jump back from midrange, with his air command grab.

I wasn’t hot on Goku Black at first, but seeing sonicfox use him on point showed me what makes then characrer good… Black is hard to pin down with his divekick that resets neutral. Then once he crosses up he can call an assist at his enemies backside which will tend to go active, and from there black can threaten to get in if he wants… so blacks neutral is one of avoidance but he also has some decent unga with his Ki special and teleport.

Sorry wrong thread!

After messing around for a bit I think I’ve settled on Frieza, Piccolo and Goku.

Built it as Point, Second, Battery at first. but after playing for a while I’ve found that you can actually be pretty flexible and keep switching to heal blue health since all 3 can act as anchors pretty comfortably.

Freiza starts on point because he can control a lot of space already with assists making his zoning better, he can get massive damage using Goku assist in his destructo disk combos and decent damage and corner carry usung Piccolo assist in comos as well as both being good for keeping pressure after an air combo int 236S.

He’s also on point because I feel he needs sparking to anchor more than the other characters and doesn’t seem to have any other way to go “I’m going to dump all my meter now and kill” when solo so if your opponent somehow survives sparking Golden Frieza he turns to shit.

Piccolo is in second because he wants assists to set up Hellzone pressure, he needs bar to get left/right mixups going with 236M/H and most of his air combos want to end with 214H into either 236L+M, DHC for damage or delay 236H+S for Hellzone pressure on the wakeup.

Goku is battery because he has the best assist on the team, he can control a lot of space solo with his 236S variations which he can also convert off solo to get some nice full screen punishes and his solo damage off a good close hit is through the roof thanks to his ability to work 2 level 1 supers into the same combo.

Which goku?

Regular super saiyan, I tried Black but his beam assist seemed to hit the opponent harder which threw off some of my Frieza stuff and I’ve really been liking the aerial and angled kamehamehas for zoning.

That and he dhcs out better when he’s come out early for whatever reason.

imo, best team comp is:

Battery/Main/Support (or Anchor)

You’ll always want your starter character to have:

  1. good meter building
  2. not need any meter at all to run their game. Typically, they have mediocre assists and mediocre-ish DHCs.
  3. get good to great mileage out of having a comboable A1 and A2

Best battery/point in the game right now is probably Cell.
Other great batteries/points: Bluku, A.21, A.16, most if not all shorties, Ginyu

Main is a character that has a decent to great assist, and can put the support Assist to good use.

  1. Have great DHCs
  2. Typically have slow meter building
  3. Pretty explicitly need meter to really be dangerous.

Examples: A.Gohan (though he’s busted), Nappa, Yamcha, Piccolo, etc

Support/Anchor is a character with a great assist, or at least an OK solo game.

This runs the gamut from Vegeta (best assist, worst solo) to Frieza (good assist, one of the best solos).
They’re usually good enough to DHC into mid-game if things aren’t going your way.

The game hasn’t been balance patch’d yet, but I think this is what more or less they had in mind.

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Is Piccolo’s assist considered high tier?


It’s decent in oki situations but gets destroyed by basic ki blasts and Beams go straight through… Also loses to Super Dash.

The short hitstun makes it difficult to convert off of as well.

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I’m trying to build a team around an anchor Tien, who do you think works well with him?

Tenshinhan’s assist works with a lot of characters. It is maybe the most flexible assist except Vegeta. More flexible in combos than beams midscreen but lacks blockstun in blockstring.

So you have many many options with him.

For DHC, he is very flexible as well. But usually, Tenshinhan likes beam super as he can do Tri Beam *2 or Tri Beam - Neo Tri Beam in a row.
He can even set Tri Beam - Chiaozu with Gotenks Ghosts and other shenanigans.

I have been playing this game for only a couple of weeks but i feel that i have gotten a feel for the style of the characters at this point. My two favorites are Trunks and Kid Buu. Right now I am running 16 to finish the team but only because he is high tier. Any suggestions for other characters that would round out my team better than 16? Also suggest who to put on point as i have been experimenting with different points and cannot make a decision. Thanks!

Pick Vegeta or Goku SSJ as anchor. Cell would be good too and you’ll have a team with good neutral.

For point, I would use Trunks as his assist is quiet weak except for its quiet big hitbox.

Is Blueku, Black, Broly a good team order or should I change it up? Was thinking Blueku first cause his assist isn’t that good IMO.

Broly last would let him have more meter to make himself safe and also the damage boost in Sparking.

Broly/Kid Buu/Black or SSJ Goku

trying to make android team of 16 17 and 18 work. any advice?

Hi, i am trying to make a solid team looking for advice. I would love to have at least 1 version of vegeta on my team and broly. Preferably no season 2 fighters because i dont want to buy it.

I was considering maybe a team like base vegeta/broly/ssj goku
or maybe sub the last character for base goku or ssj vegeta? what are some of your thoughts?

i thought base veg broly and goku could be good because its similar to darksillage`s team except replacing gohan with base veg

TLDR: essentially these are some ideas i had, but basically build me the best possible team with at least 1 vegeta and dbz broly

I just got the game but the team that i have found that works best for me is cooler as point vegito as middle and gogeta as anchor cause vegito and gogeta have quick and powerful assists and when i do a lvl 1in to lvl1 into lvl 3 i can power that lvl 3 up in to a lvl 5 if i have enough meter. And plus gogeta is probably my best character so he gets the spark and all the meter that i didn’t use.

Janemba Gogeta Cell
A Assist