The official Bleach DS thread

So the game just came out this week. I’m ordering mine asap. Looks like the hotness.
Official website with move demos and other vids.


most of that shit looks broken lol >_<

You have to touch the screen to activate assist effects and (optionally) special moves… it would be nice if the DS were a little narrower so that you could more easily reach the screen with your thumbs…

oh snap!


ordered mine from lik-sang but it hasn’t shipped yet…

I’ll post impressions once I get it

I ordered from NCSX with overnight delivery, I’ll post up tomorrow. Word is Hollow Ichigo is in, too good.

I preordered the game awhile back and it was shipped to me early. I got the game today and I’m loving it. Storymode is a little annoying though (there are conditions that have to be met at certain characters or you end up going into a loop of fighting the same characters over and over until you satisfy criteria), but on the flipside, there are tons of unlockables.

It’s hard to pin down what this game is like exactly. It’s pace is very similar to GGX surprisingly, but I’m no GGX expert. There are elements of the games that remind me of SNK fighting games too, surprisingly. So I guess to settle the record, I think it’s a wonderful game by Treasure, and no–it’s not Guardian Heroes turned fighting game (though it has its similarities to Guardian Heroes and Yu Yu Hakusho).

Playing against the Asian players on WFC has been a lot of fun, but the game is fairly slow (similar to playing SF2 rom online). However, despite how slow it is, battles generally go as they should–more or less. And the battles are long and intense.

One round, but the lifebars are huge (or the damage is low). Also, lots of teleporting and setups. Some characters cover a wide range well, some others are combo smiths.

The game is mostly intense with a lot of combos (some of the buffers are actually pretty tough for the non-combo-crazy people–I have a hard time consistently doing teleport-cancels). The touchscreen isn’t used for all that much outside of doing powerups and it’s handled really well. Most of the game is on the pad and buttons.

I am getting owned on ranking matches, but it’s quite fun.

But there’s only one issue I have so far, and I hope there are surefire ways of beating it out. Because of the two planes that exist on all but a few stages, it’s possible to really chicken out. At least as far as I can tell. You can throw and mix up so at least you have that, but online, you see plane-shifting a mile away. As a result, it’s easy to constantly run away. I’m sure there are ways to beat this out–so I’m trying to figure it out. Maybe I should just play chicken on the ranking matches a few times and see how different people beat it out.

Anyways, I’m always up for exchanging friendcodes :slight_smile:


Some random Bleach DS players have setup a channel. #bleach_ds

How the fuck does it play!!!

Kon, Yachiru, and muthafuckin BONNIE are all apparently playable. Can’t wait to get this shit.

Alright I got, its surprising sf-ish. There is 3 attacks, light mid and heavy. You can chain light to mid to heavy. Some crouching attacks also launch for air combos. Special moves can be done by pressing the buttons on the touch screen or SF style with directional inputs. Specials are cancellable into supers. So far so fuckin good. Japanese are raping online, we need a card translation FAQ asap! Mofo’s keep using healing and retsu cards that I can’t find.


Hope to see you around the IRC channel we’re using sometime :slight_smile: I was surprised how lag-free the game can get online when playing with people in the same continent.

Have you tried out the challenge mode yet? It’s pretty fun and you’ll have to air-dash and shunpo (aka Flash Step - B button) to make some of the combos work. It’s a nice introduction to some of the combos you can do in the game and quite a few are pretty darn hard.

Then again, you’ve been playing the online ranking matches it seems, and yeah… those guys are brutal. And you’ll probably see far more advanced combos and what not out of them (I certainly have).

Is there an option to play online vs. matches without cards?

I want to know this too. Really badly actually… Or at least an option to turn them off during versus?

Reifu look annoying.
Password is BLEACH (all caps)
Match Vid. Damn Ishida is beastin’.

Thanks so much for the vid!

Now… for turning cards off, yes you can. It’s in the Match Search Menu when playing online, so you can play with people looking for matches without cards.

First, turn the second option to red (so it’s not on default match settings). Then, change the last (fourth) option to red to turn off cards. Note: You must play with cards in ranking matches.

About the third option, it’s to enable Deathmatch or Point Match. Point Match is where the person witht he most points at the end of the battle wins. Points are added for hitting an opponent and taken away for getting hit. In a 2 player match, the points will mirror each other, but in 4 player matches it’s pretty straightforward–running away from battle nets you 0 points :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope to find more match videos in the future.

The Ishida was alright, but I was impressed with the Tatsuki (even though she was first to lose). I liked some of her combo sequences :slight_smile:

Ah, thanks for the answer Chanchai that’s good to hear. My DS and Bleach should be arriving soon. How’s the lag when playing WiFi?

About the match vid, was it suppose to cut off at the point where Tatsuki died, total vid time is 1:19? Anyways, looks like Tatsuki has some cool air dashing abilities but SoiFons(sp?) looks like someone I would be playing alot. Were everyone in that match vid human players, just wondering why no one switch planes when Ishida started spamming his arrow super.

On Wi-Fi play, it depends on who you play and where, I guess. I love playing against the Asians and Japanese in the ranking matches (though I get owned). However, those matches are pretty laggy and the game slows down, but actually, when the game slows down, it’s not too bad–timing for some things actually get a tad bit easier, but it is different.

However… If you play against someone that isn’t too far from you, or would have a fast direct connect, the game plays with almost no lag. That’s one of the reasons I stress that people joing the #bleach_ds on (using an IRC Client). You’ll be able to hookup with other North American (and some European) players and lag is usually minimal.

But for as long as players on the ranking matches can portray the game at levels higher than within lag-free reach, I personally think it’s worth playing those ranking matches in addition to those you can play almost lag-free matches.

Forgot to talk about Tatsuki/Soifon…

Soifon’s a good character as far as I can tell for now. A lot of combo setups, heavily melee. She’s not the easiest to play as, but I think she’s a great player for 1on1 and especially on team battles.

Tatsuki isn’t that strong. She is a joke character, but she has some things that are effective, but she’s really designed to be hard to win with. She can do decent damage but her health gets knocked off so rapidly. What was impressive in the vid was how much damage the Tatsuki player was doing and some of the combos used and landed. Tatsuki’s range on attacks are typically tiny and so it’s hard to land some things. It wasn’t really a surprise that she died first, but there were some nice gems in there. However, she still is a joke character and you end up having to use the card system to make her close to viable.

To clarify for those that don’t know, there are a small few joke characters in the game which aren’t really meant to be good characters. I mean, you have Kon and Bonnie in there… so they’re in there for laughs I guess. Tatsuki falls into that category, but it’s surprising how much damage she can do in a battle.

So I’m guessing cards off is the way to play it. Just got this game and played someone named “andrew” today. Lagged alot but I’m guessing he’s not close by.