The Official 3rd Strike Match Vids Thread

Since 3rd Strike is the only game I care about, I thought it would be nice to have a thread dedicated to video releases so I’m not tirelessly looking around SRK all day long. This will be the place to post links or updates or info on 3s match vids or match vid releases.

Also, if you need a video or wanted to request a specific tourney or something character specific, members can help other members find what they are looking for or upload it themselves through an upload site. If someone can recommend a good upload site (preferably one that lets you download and keep the videos) please let us know.

Of course I wouldn’t open the thread if I didn’t have at least something to kick it off with: Somewhat old, but good matches none the less.

Enjoy and please feel free to contribute.

Great idea and thanks for the site.

If anyone wants any old Gvision ranbat videos, I still have a good amount of them.
I’d be glad to upload it for you guys if you need them.

alex & yang OWNAGE

I’ll upload all my vids later, anyone got some vids of characters like Remy, Necro, Hugo, Sean, Twelve, Q

oh and i’d like to see more vids of alex and urien please if there are any. preferably KSK and RX ;D ;D ;D

just dl all the ksk ranbats and you’ll have enough RX/KSK…

I need some Makoto stun action! :looney:

If someone can give me a good free upload site and give me a heads up on the file size limits, I can fish through the endless pit of infinity that is my computer and see what I can dig up.

I want to see Ryu matches ?

Do I need some sort of torrent like bit comet or can I view it with window media

Good shit peple good shit…reps for everyone!!! on me

Ditto on that.

Preferably an upload site that lets you download and keep the videos. Cause I’m 3rd Strike pack rat like that.

I have pretty much 30 gigs of 3s vids on my comp, give me a holla and ill upload =)

Give me a site and I’ll upload.

I started this on the Dudley section. There are now over 50 files:

To download the files, go here:

I also started an Akuma one as well, although I have left the updating of it to other as he is not my main:

Maybe someone should start another one up for KSK ranbats of stutf like that. Oh yeah blatant plug, has lots of UK match videos if you check it out.

For those who want Ryu and Dudley matches…here’s a whole tournament on nothing but Ryu and Dudley. It’s an old KSK Gvision video.

Download while the link is still up. It runs out fast, so yea.

Well, I guess that’s what I’ve slowly been building towards over here. All of season 2 and 3 are up, plus the random ryu vs dudley video. I’ve got a couple of season ones and a sbo qualifier left to upload.

like which one? i only know yousendit which only lasts a week or limited downloads and rapidshare which is everything but “rapid”. and why the hell would u put luke perry in ur av?


I can only DL .zip vids!! I hate my office!!!

I’m testing out mega upload now, so we’ll see how it turns out for me. If all turns out good, I’ll upload a bunch of 3rd Strike stuff.

Edit: Okay, first video. Sugiyama vs Ushi, like discribed in the video this match is rated R for rape. Ownage at its bet, credit to for hosting the origional file.

More to come.

Edit2: Damn, I can only upload 1 file. If someone gives me another decent site, where I can host a 150+ I’ll upload a video that was wanted a while ago.