The Official 2020 NFL Thread: Buccaneers win Super Bowl 55

Season set to start in just over 2 weeks! Hopefully its not a shit show…

and of course Go Bucs! Just make the damn playoffs!

Man, even 13K sounds like a shitload of people.

Florida gonna Florida

Damn, I feel for Mackenzie Alexander. I didn’t know his dad was missing and I can’t fault him for going upside the head of the last dude that saw his pops.

Why do we have 2 NFL threads?

We don’t. One closed.


Oh yeah, more shit came out about Dan Snyder but what else is new?

Well see, I don’t like Snyder but this shit seems suspect. The dude in charge of shooting video during this situation works for the Cardinals now. He disputes the claim. I want to see some receipts. As hated as Snyder is they’ll to come to light if they are out there.

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We’ll see, but it’s clear that most reporters wouldn’t go after Snyder unless they got something with some substance. Especially WaPo.

Season will go on until Mahomes tests positive, then nobody will ever go outside ever again.

I think you will see 0 cases from contender teams. No one wants to be the guy who fucks the team as it could be career suicide… But I think as the season progresses the teams that are losing will have more cases from players who just go fuck it I don’t care.

Go Bears…

Will Bear fans disown Urlacher, that is the question.

It is easy to do since he is retired and didn’t bring them a title. However because he is retired he may return their graces over time.


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This is both extremely funny and extremely sad.

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That was good but he took a fucking paycut to leave Jacksonville… Minny got a great great deal…

Dear Falcons and Colts fans,

Here’s your chance to redeem yourselves.


NFL Commish and the NFL Competition Committee


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You know, I thought Kirk was a smart guy.