The Odinson Shall Triumph: Thor Reset/Combo thread

Self explanatory, I’ll put them up as we discover them along with damage (with or without X-Factor), practicality ratings, with or without assists, all that good stuff.

No meter:

Mighty Hurricane > Mighty Smash > > j.:m: > j.:m: > j.:h: > j.:s: > land > :h: mighty smash 417,800

Midscreen - 530K, no meter, builds a lot of meter
cr.:l:, cr.:h:, :s: + Doom Assist, j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:s:, Tridash down forward (use j.:h: to drop you to the ground quickly), land, Doom assist missiles begin to OTG, :f::d::df::m:, :s:, j.:h:, j.:s:

Corner - 553K, no meter, builds a lot of meter
cr.:l:, cr.:h:, :s: + Doom Assist, j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:s:, land, :b::d::db::m: (hold), Doom assist missiles begin to OTG, Release M, land, :f::d::df::m:, :s:, j.:s:

With meter:

Mighty Hurricane > Mighty Smash > > j.:m: > j.:m: > j.:h: > air :m: Mighty Strike xx Mighty Tornado 612,900


Reserved 2

I assume you’re going to want this: YouTube - trag13’s Channel

And pretty much anything from Trag13’s channel.

Thanks bro.

So Thor can 100% you in one reset.

With one bar.

Without XFC.

This player, approves.

So thor can XFC guard cancel into 100%? GDLK! :smiley:

Fixed. He IS a god afterall, no need for him to be godlike when he can just be a god.

Lol. Thanks bro. -thumbs up-

Seriously, this whole guard cancel thing never even occurred to me. I realize it’s going to be useful for every character, but I doubt there are many that it will be half as dangerous for as it is for Thor with how much he can do out of that grab. Pretty much means auto-kill whenever he wants, provided he has XF to burn and your execution is good.

One thing to keep in mind though, is that this is a new game with new possibilities. Until that LI Joe video everyone seemed to think Thor was bad from the “1 versus match or 3 arcade match only” build. I mean, Thor does have a 100% from a XFC guard cancel. But there may very well be other characters who can do it too, we just haven’t seen it. That’s the most fun thing about a brand new VS title. More than any other game it seems, these new VS games have got all sorts of crazy things to figure out.

This time next month, none of us may seem to be impressed with that one thing Thor can do. Someone will have figured out bigger and better stuff with all characters, Thor probably included. I think this game will look and be played drastically different from Final Round to EVO to Season’s Beatings to NEC. Drastically different. Way more so than SF4/SSF4.

x-factor guard cancel will be the new instant block/just defend/parry into command grab/command grab super tactic. so excited. heavies are actually looking quite competent right now.

Correction. They look quite competent right now against rush down. If they go against keep away then its a very hard fight. Just sayin’. :stuck_out_tongue:

re: the resets; players can air recover forward or they can do a normal recover and mash an attack. But I’m sure you can take advantage of either situation as well.

So until your opponent knows better, you can probably do a mighty strike to counter the mash.

Also remember that you can charge some of Thor’s attacks to mess up with timinig, we haven’t seen this in use yet.

I knew my asgard boy would not let me down.

great, thanks. i was just about to ask how the opponent could get out of this.

does anyone know how safe thor’s mighty strikes/slams are? namely if mighty strike medium/fierce are punishable?

after watching the videos over and over i think these are the inputs.


c.light, s.medium, c.launcher, j.medium, j.light, j.hard, j,special, hard mighty smash, ??? mighty hurricane, s.medium, s/c.launcher, j.medium, j.hard, medium mighty strike, mighty torndao

post throw xf

??? mighty hurricane, c.medium, xfc, c.hard, launcher, j.medium, j.medium, j.hard, medium mighty strike, mighty tornado

xf guard cancel

xfc, ??? mighty hurricane, launcher, j.medium, j.medium, j,hard, medium mighty strike, mighty tornado

Off of l.mighty hurricane in corner you can do s.l, m.Mighty Smash, s.l. special - air combo. This might be pretty cool because you can kara the grab. After c.a kara only l.Mighty Hurricane seems to work though.

If you don’t want to guess the air reset mighty hurricane, you can call your assist during otg mighty smash and cancel that into mighty tornado > xfc > mighty tornado. It does 100% as well.

Any of you guys having huuugggeee problems landing his basic air series (:m: :m: :h: :s:)? I find that you need to start his air series super quick after launching them, and even then it’s been pretty inconsistent. The problem is landing the final hit (:s:), because the previous hit makes him fall pretty fast and has a low hitbox. I’m whiffing the S like crazy.

In fact I’ve pretty much stopped doing the above series and instead do :l: :m: :m: :s:. It’s obviously not as much damage, but it is waaaayyyyyy more consistently for me.

Typically I wouldn’t worry too much about his air series since he can always buffer air Tornado, but I’m just trying to find some mid-screen air series options without the use of meter. Plus all his resets seem to be corner-only but I’m still in the process of testing various setups so I could be wrong.

Also, as an FYI his :h: version of Mighty Smash is the only one that will OTG after his air series->S. The great thing about it is even if you don’t have the opponent in the corner, and use the combo mid screen, the opponent still gets pushed back very far after eating the Mighty Smash. In fact they are pretty much in the corner if you land this combo from the default starting position.