The odd relationship between Dan, Sakura, and Blanka

Anyone else a bit weirded out by this? Alright Blanka has the body of a grown beast man, but is mentally a 5 year old or something so his relationship with Sakura is like a child and older friend. However the Dan/Sakura relationship is very strange…isn’t the 30 something old Dan spending a bit too much time with the 15 year old Sakura? Does he have some strange attraction? Does Sakura pity Dan cause she always beats him up when they spar, and that’s why she spends so much time with him?

Isn’t Sakura supposed to be in her twenties already ? Keeping the uniform for the lulz and stuff

Why does age matter in a friendship?

Well I thought the characters didn’t age when put into SF4? They are like the age from when they originally appeared I thought. Otherwise Makoto and Ibuki would be 12 or something.

It doesn’t. However Dan is probably a virgin, and isn’t around women a lot. Yet he is a grown man…his attachment to Sakura may be for more than platonic reasons.

What if Dan was some pubescent kid, has had sex, and hangs out with women all the time? That would be normal compared to being a grown man, virgin, and generally leaves women alone?
Personally I think you’re looking too much into it. Why can’t they just be friends who enjoy each other’s company and share a common interest among themselves? It’s like he’s just randomly found guilty of something he hasn’t even done.

Blanka isn’t mentally infirm like that, he speaks normally to Dan in Dan’s arcade mode opening. Fucked up jungle voice, but he’s not of sub-human intelligence. Sakura is in her early 20s in sf4, and wears her schoolgirl outfit because she does the same thing Ryu does, and just wanders around training and fighting. Sakura originally joined Dan’s dojo because Dan convinced her he knows Ryu, Dan wanted her to join because she has immense latent power (the same or stronger than Ryu’s) and he wants to improve the reputation of his shitty dojo

The REAL important question is WHO IS THE LUCKY GUY WHO IS GONNA HIT THAT NINJA SHIT when Ibuki asks Sakura to introduce her to some boys in their rival battle?? Sakura says she knows ‘just the guy’

Ibuki’s boyfriend confirmed 5th character then ?

^^^ Oh My God

Because whenever an older man is friends with a much younger female, the following story normally gets turned into an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

  1. I’m not incriminating Dan, just found the relationship peculiar.
  2. I don’t think Blanka is mentally challenged, just that since he was changed, he has kept a child like innocence and lack of knowledge of the world. If he wanted to and had the opportunity he could be a rocket scientist, inventor, whatever he wanted to be.
  3. As far as the ‘cool guy’ Sakura was talking about. 2 possibilities. One is Ryu, I mean Sakura idolizes him and probably thinks he is the coolest, he is her hero after all. Two is Dan, maybe cause he feels for him or to free herself of him.
  4. Ibuki’s boyfriend is seen in 3s win poses I remember, a pretty cool looking guy.

Ibuki and Makoto are only 2 years younger in 4 than they were in 3, give or take. So, 14-15 range.

Who cares about the SF story, it’s half assed and corny.

Dan has a sempai/kohai relationship with Sakura. He sees himself as her teacher, as well as friend. Their ages are reflected in that hierarchy. When they meet in the SSF4 boss cutscene, Dan speaks to her with his hands behind his back, a little hunched, the archetypical boss/teacher stance.

Sakura DOES pity Dan, but she likes him anyway. Dan is a kindhearted individual who is way over his head in an impossible quest for revenge but doing the best he can and trying to keep his spirits high. That’s admirable.

The fact that Dan and Blanka are friends is more than just comic relief, it displays how Dan’s naiveté and kindness allow him to immediately see past Blanka’s hideous appearance without a second thought. He is one of two people who call Blanka by his real name “Jimmy”, the other being Blanka`s mother. I think it’s a very interesting dynamic between the two characters.

When is the comic in which makoto Ibuki and Elena go see Oro supposed to be in relation to the games ? After 3rd strike ? between SF4 and 3rd strike ?
Because I know that at the end of that comic, Ibuki goes to university, which would make her 18, right ?

  1. Well said, chubby I think u have hit it perfectly. Do u have thoughts on Sakura and Blanka’s friendship?
  2. I don’t know how seriously we are to take Capcom’s timeline. Look Charlie is in Alpha…yet he supposedly died 6 years before SF2. Now in SF2 Chun Li is supposed to be the youngest character, I think supposed to be 17. That would mean in Alpha she would be 11 or younger. Does she look like a little kid in Alpha though? No she looks more like she could be 14 at youngest.
  1. It’s just Capcom putting all the outsiders together to make the plot simpler.
  2. Before this Guile-clone Charlie, Capcom had developed a much older, cooler Jean Reno-lookalike, Nash for the SFV series. Here they are together:

Capcom dropped the ball by making Charlie/Nash a Guile clone. The only thing they kept was the glasses. It was so unnecessary. The SFV one was faaaaaaaaaaaar more interesting-looking and a very well-developed character too.

As a French guy, I just love that there’s a Jean Reno character in Street Fighter. He should have been the french character in the series instead of Abel.

Liked Chubby’s post for mentioning SFV.


Remy us French too. Really the French got a raw deal out of all this