The nth Chicago thread: We Know Drama

Thread name, the truth.

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HeartNana’s blog: The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL
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Welcome, and please post your name, games you play, and your location.


Chicago Screenz - Brawl/Melee/Naruto/TvC/HDR - January 24

Chicago Screenz - TvC/SF4/Naruto/HDR/Brawl - Feb 28

Default March 13-15 FINALROUND12 “The HYPE Continues!” (Atlanta, GA)

Arcadia UFO 2009 / April 17-19 2009 / Austin, TX

EVO North/MWC 2009: Midwest Championships! June 12-14, 2009

Brawl Friend Codes:

Capps Indigo:… 3007-7824-8278
Cracka J:… 3952-6669-1929
Humbag:… 3437-2706-3385
Random123456789:… 2578-2771-5600
Ukyo Tachibana:… 0516-6959-6702

Places to Play:

Nickel City Arcade, Northbrook IL: 2 MvC2 cabs, 1 3S cab, 1 CvS cab, […]: Brookside Plaza, 555 Waukegan Rd., Northbrook, IL 60062, 847-559-8727

Screenz: 2717 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614-1502, (773) 296-0300. Internet Cafe that hosts console gatherings. “Buy a drink.”

Random Gatherings: Anyone is welcome to host gatherings. In the past gatherings have been held at Blacksnake’s, Cracka J’s, dereklearnslow’s, HeartNana’s, Capps’, Nives’, beatsofdevil’s places. Keep your eye on the thread for random gatherings.

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Chicago: Home of the Slashbarack
Chicago: Ba-Rack You
Chicago: Home of the C-C-C-COMBO BARACK-ER!!!

Andy, you planning to go to Final Round this year?

Hey guys, I wrote in my blog again. CHECK IT OUT! I’m back to living alone again…

Hi I’m Cracka J!
My real name is Haywood Jablome, I’ve been known to play your mom, and I’m located right behind you!


Hai guiz wuts going on hear?

i missed mcdonalds breakfast by 3 minutes!!!

i vote for this one:

Chicago: Home of Barack, Kanye and orka

we should have a barack themed thread.

Chicago: Home of the Slashbarack
Chicago: Ba-Rack You

i dunno, someone else could probably come up with something better.



Chicago: Home of the C-C-C-COMBO BARACK-ER!!!

Eh, I tried.

C’mon guys, try to minimize the double posting, one-word posts (I’m looking at you, Yosh, lmao), and spam in general. It’s kinda silly that our winter thread only lasted a month.

Happy Inauguration Day!

Go Pres Obama.

Also, I didn’t post much in the previous thread. If anything, it was pages after pages of long garbage posts involving OG vs whatever, laptops, etc. that filled it up.

that was more exciting than my soaps.

Ok, i think we’ll go w/ this name. i have to admit there were some pretty hilarious suggestions, but this one seems the most appropriate. for good measure, im leaving the other suggestions at the bottom of the first post for all to enjoy… and possibly use at a later date.

as usual, i will try to keep the first post updated w/ all that is relevant to the chi scene. currently 2 local (screez) tourneys, 2 pretty large out of state tourneys, and of course mwc in june. if you think that something should be added/changed, let me know.

generally speaking, i encourage everyone to [continue to] read the blogs of our departed chicagoans. and check local youtubes for tourney vids and casuals etc…

to dennis (and fyi to everyone else)… for the record, the top spammers/posters of the previous thread were:

80— S-RX
62— slevin786
59— BeaTs*
58— devildigimon

i only going to post the top 3, but somehow webster was in 4th and couldnt neglect that fact.

final comment, i would like to see no more threats from here on out, especially threats of physical violence. its blatantly against the rules and was the only real thing that bothered me about all the drama.

SHOES!, you can’t forget Shoes!

everything is yosh’s fault id say about 93.2% of the time.

New Year’s resolution: spam/post less, lurk moar.

And sorry for the drama folks…


there arent any posts i dont really enjoy in this thread.

i may have to take that back, but for now i stand by that.

i havent looked at any of webster’s links, so i m ignorant of those.

Hello. My name is Bozac and I play as Faust in this one fighting game called Guilty Gear.

(btw, why is this called the 15th Chicago thread? I know weve had more than that over the years so this would be the 15th Chicago thread since what point?)

Dug through stuff on my computer and found this from like a year ago: