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good shit albert. I like the idea.

Yep CALI is always on the mizap !!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!


     - D R B

finally got this thread started eh…

I’m trying to promote good will and brotherhood. I’m like the Jesus of Street Fighter.

Jesus pronounced hay-soos.

Just clearing things up…

what it do keith da sneek. how did you do at evo, dawg?

D:, for anyone who doesnt’ know, alt over at dustloop hosts slash gatherings about twice a month. Of course, there is a bit of MBAC and anything else you bring.

fun stuff, who wants to give me a ride :D.

Hey Albert do you still need an Xbox? I have one that I’m planning to sell.

everyone here gets some rep from me for posting in this thread.

Yeah, PM sent.

i sucked it up at evo, but the weekend was still fun as fuck.

you sucked everythin’ up at evo didn’t you?

I like arcade hopping, and have tried many in the Bay & L.A.
Some took hours to get to by train, bus and foot.:wasted:

But like a church, I guess you don’t get to know people until you go regularly.:smile:

The ones I’ve been to the most are MilpitasGL & Billiards Arcade in SF (before closing).

Fairfield- I should check out the Tilt there.

Is there a BART station in Fairfield & near the arcade by any chance?

I believe theres a bart station in… El Cerrito.

From there, you can catch bus 90 (or is it 80? Im awful with numbers) to Fairfield mall, where the arcade is at.

I’ve never had to take any of this, so I’d check it out first.

Nor-Cal thread, O hell yea, Imma abe in here alot now.
PS, Ram givinout rep for free, just like i hand him beatdowns in Marvel—For free son!, hahaha

The Fairfield Tilt is cool but the sticks are usually messed up on all the games I like.

I wish another arcade opened in Berkeley.

hell yeah! I only went to Bearcade once and that was when they did the save the bearcade weekend. the tourney was great and the machines were perfect. R.I.P Bearcade.