The Night Warrior Tales: Storylines of DS

Anyone mind of this thread is revived?

Here’s more.

And, more.

Whoo. :woot: It’s been a while. Even when I read my own posts, it’s like I don’t even recognize them. It’s been so long (6 years). I’m glad SFIV brought me back. :tup:

Storyline of Darkstalkers is a lot less convulated then Streetfighters, so not much to debate. But SFIV gave me hope that there will be sequel to DS. Capcom bothered to make Chaos Tower for one thing. There’s still how Anita will grow up to be the Light Savior, and most likely going to face Donovan in full demon form when he succumbed to his dark side when he brings back Anita at the end of DS3.

It was interesting until some fanboy asked who is stronger, Jedah or Orochi :mad:

Oh, yeah. I remember that guy. It’s probably one of the reasons VS threads are banned now.