The New Trend - Hypno Avatars - join the bandwagon!

Hypno AVs are the latest trend! Based on an avatar BlodiaVulcan5 made me a few months back!

The interest was sparked recently by SunocO making this:

…and then shatterstar and <Clock> coming up with this:

I’ll take any requests AS LONG AS YOU PROVIDE THE SPRITES. Remember, because of the transparency (and the overall theme of the avs) I’ll only put 3 frames in. The animation is guaranteed to be choppy and fast. And that’s the point, dammit!




me like very much. Me also think this will cause seizures.


im bleeding from my eyes

My avatar already hypnotizes. But if you can make it even more hypno-tastic I’ll glady rock it.

If you want it, it’s yours:

See Adam Epstein See Adam Epstein


EDIT: added a 2nd choice

I was expecting this.

(No need to make me an av, thanks.)

HAHAHA dood i’m taking this one!

See Adam Epstein

can i have one with Juggernaut or tron.b or dr.doom doesnt matter just one of them

dood my AV is bugging out on me… And it’s bugging me out haha

those avatars look mad retarded.

If you’re not providing a sprite, you can take the juggs one I already made that’s in the first post.

See Adam Epstein

lol. maybe it’s just over your head?


over my head, under my foot. who can tell these days?

is that…jealousy?



is it me or is my av going way too fast?

no…that’s exactly how fast it should go…

Are you the kind of guy who says, “I think this rollercoaster’s going too high,” or “I think there’s too much hot fudge on this sundae”?

Don’t be a wimp. Strobe FTW.


HAHA ok i’m assuming it’s going normal spped to u guys… the speed on your first post and my av is not the same speed… i don’t even see hugo transforming… haha it’s really bugging me out! i’ll take it like a man


infini “come on”



have Sakura facing Guy

I’m on it, shatta, but I’m at work all day, so I’ll get it to you tomorrow morning, ok?



you forgot to add this to the list…

lol, I didn’t make that one, but props to SunocO for it.