The New Tomb Raider SE

Forgive me if this exists. Did a search with only 4 pages showing up and there wasn’t one for this.


Lol I did a search for it, and this thread popped up.

Game looks amazing.

I picked up that game informer. From the description it seems like it might be a game of the year contender. The Uncharted dudes are gonna have their work cut out.

Oh, I ignored that. The thread could’ve been talking about any game. You get your GI issues this early? Usually I don’t get mine until the 17th or 18th.

Edit: Actually I searched again and didn’t see that thread title. You must be doing something differently.

Lol yeah I got mines today.

I did a search in the google search thing on SRK, and this was the first thread that popped up. I was about to make a thread about it myself, but you beat me to it.

Game looks hype. I’ve never been into Tomb Raider, but this one looks passable and like they’re really making an effort.