The NEW South Korea thread: Looking for Matches? Head to Cong, Anyday but Monday!


Thanks for the many memories, old thread, but the original front page doesn’t hold updated info, and D.Fox isn’t even over here anymore.

WE NOW HAVE A KAKAO OPEN GROUP, follow this link on your mobile or tablet to join:

If you’re visiting, drop a line to let us know where you’re planning to be and when you plan on coming out to play. If you’re moving over here or going to be stationed over here, let us know where you’re going to be living, and I will post your info up in the OP. Using the following format:

SRK Tag:
Location: (If you're on base, giving me the name of the base is fine)
Games Played:
Xbox Live Gamertag:
PSN Username:
KakaoTalk ID:


For Street Fighter, pretty much all the arcades are dead zones, and the ones that do exist don’t have very good players left. There were two spots for AE arcade play in Seoul, TM Game Land at Isu Station, and Cheonho Fun Zone at Cheonho station. The arcade at Isu closed in early 2013, but Cheonho has now upgraded their cabinets to AE2012, so there may be play out there.

For now, in Seoul, our main place to play is at ArcadeStream. It’s console gaming centers, with fixed rate fees for playing there.

Cong Tuh - Seocho-gu, Seocho-dong 1442-10, Subo Building B1F \ 서초구 서초동 1442-10 지하1층 (Closest station is Nambu Bus Terminal \ 남부터미널 Line 3

Entry Fee: Sliding scale based on how long you stay, but runs no more than 10,000 KRW for 12 hours.
Games Played: SFV, BBCF, GGXrdR, anything that you want to play. BC McMild (Owner) told me that players have been playing around in SFEX2 as well.
New old place. With Drakefang nixing ArcadeStream, this is the place where everyone will be looking to go. BC McMild is a great guy and accommodating and speaks decent English. He’ll basically run whatever game you want and has a plethora of systems, games, and sticks and pads to choose from. He also has a ton of setups, and is situated in a basement where noise is not an issue. Runs things every day but Monday.

Video directions to to get to Cong


Green Arcade (Closest station is Daerim station \ 대림역, Line 2 or Line 6
Entry Fee Free. I’m not sure on the price per game.
Games Played TTT2, TTT2, and TTT2
I haven’t been here, but I think it goes without saying that this is one of the most famous arcades in the world, definitely most famous in Seoul. If you’re a hardcore Tekken player, you owe it to yourself to come here, as this is pretty much where the best of the best gather in whatever iteration of Tekken is fresh out the box now.
This video is not by me, but thankfully, someone has the same idea as me regarding video directions in Seoul:



USF4 Monthlies: Last Saturday afternoon of every month, ArcadeStream - Seoul This a well frequented tournament with a lot of Korea’s best coming out. 10,000 venue fee gets you one alcoholic beverage, and another 10,000 gets you into the tournament. This tournament will also be streamed live on Twitch.


There are several places to buy of notoriety over here. You can go to the world famous Yongsan Electronics Market (Yongsan Station \ 용산역, Jung-ang Line/Line 1), Gangbyeon TechnoMart (Gangbyeon Station \ 강변역, Line 2), or Nambu Terminal Techno Mart (Nambu Terminal Station \ 남부터미날역, Line 3). There’s a small game store at Coex, but not much to look at there, the three I mentioned are good. Comparison shop here, there are many vendors inside each market. Ask them prices for what you want, (이건 얼마예요? - ee-guhn uhlmahyeyo?) and come back if you find they have the best price.

I have seen everything from TEs, to Joytrons, to Saulabis, to Horis for sale over here, so if you have a specific stick you want, you can probably find it.

Alternatively, you can order an Omni and various arcade parts from This site is ran by Laugh, and has same day shipping in Korea for a flat rate of 3000KRW.

As for games, this is a trickier subject. With PS3, there’s no region locks on games, so you can buy whatever games you want over here. Some might be Korean or Asian language only, so be careful, when in doubt, check on the Asian editions of those games on Play-Asia before buying.

For 360 games, if you have a Western 360, it will depend on the game. Some games will be free of region locks, where you can play them on any 360, and some will be NTSC-J, and only work on Asian 360s. Once again, check the Asian version of the game you intend to buy on Play-Asia for compatibility before buying.




SRK Tag:Philly-one
Locale: Hongdae
Games Played: USF4
Xbox Live Gamertag: ArcadeStream

SRK Tag: Palamdungi
Games Played: USF4, nba, nfl, nhl
Xbox Live Gamertag: palamdungi

SRK Tag: Beeftime
Location: Gangdong (1 stop out from Cheonho on line 5)
Games Played: SSF4AE2012
SteamID: Beeftime
KakaoTalk ID: jarena3

SRK Tag: n4c0n
Location: Dongjak-gu
Games Played: USFIV
Steam: n4c0n
KakaoTalk ID: n4c0n

SRK: hayan
Location: Seodaemun-gu
Games Played: USF4, Persona
XBL: adpang
Kakao: adpang10



SRK Tag: Dan_town
Location: Bupyeong
Games Played: USF4
PSN Username: thisisadventure
KakaoTalk ID: dantown



SRK Tag:Endofdreamz
Location: Bucheon City Hall Station
Games Played: USF4, Tekken. blazblue, guilty gear, persona
Xbox Live Gamertag: Zsabre13
PSN Username:Endofdreamz
KakaoTalk ID:ffxhd

Kunsan AB

[details=Spoiler]SRK Tag: Manny2DGod/Megamanny
Games Played: AE SSF2T/HDR
PSN Username: MegamannyX
XBL/GFWL: Megamanny[/details]

Osan AB


SRK Tag: Hq32oL
Games Played: MvC2, Tekken Series
PSN Username: Hq32oL
Phone: 010-6683-0417 (also used for Kakao)

SRK Tag: MXBrugalz
Games Played: SSF4, SFXT
Xbox Live Gamertag: Mx Brugalz

SRK tag: RagingStormX
Arriving: November 2015
Games: USF4, CvS2, ST, A2, wanting to learn KOF13
XBL: jeffhizzle254
PSN: jeffhizzle254
Steam: jeffhizzle
Fightcade: RagingStormX



SRK Tag: Angry Abel
Games Played: SSFIV AE, BlazBlue: CP, Skullgirls, KoFXIII, SF3, SF2, TTT2
PSN Username: rabidabel33
KakaoTalk ID: jsheils



SRK Tag: krnred225
Location: Songtan-dong, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do
Games Played: SFIV series
Xbox Live Gamertag: N/A
PSN Username: N/A
KakaoTalk ID: minkyang



SRK Tag: HaruhiFTW
Games Played: 1 hour of AE
Xbox Live Gamertag: HaruhiFTW
PSN Username: N/A
KakaoTalk ID:



SRK Tag: scratchback
Games Played: AE
PSN Username: sunswipe78

SRK Tag: SFinDaejeon
Games Played: AE mostly, but I’d love to play ST…
PSN Username: Doctor_Dav13
KakaoTalk ID: 010-7404-2479



Empty for now

NOTE: We also have a KakaoTalk group chat available. Please add me, and let me know you’re from SRK, and I will add you to the group chat.


Q. Will my N. American/European Xbox 360 work in Korea?
A. European, definitely yes, and that goes for Euro PS3s too. Depending on the country, you won’t even have to buy an adapter for it to fit in a socket, as South Korea uses the Schuko (Type F) socket. For North America, yes, but it’s trickier. Not only do you need to get a new plug adapter to fit into the socket, you either have to get a new power brick or buy a voltage converter. American systems are 120V only, Korea uses 220V. I don’t know how much converters are, but I bought a new power brick for my 360 for 25000KRW at Gangbyeon.

Q. Will my N. American PS3 work in Korea?
A. It should. I’ve seen video of fat American PS3s being ran without a converter in Germany, and Germany is 220V. If you’re worried about it, then you can look at the back or bottom of your PS3 for the voltage rating. If it says 100-240V, then you’re safe, and you just need to get an adapter so it will fit into a Korean socket. If it says 120V, then you will need to buy a converter.

Q. Why are there no good arcades anymore?
A. Economics suck. Korea had a good arcade scene even 2 years ago, suddenly it’s drying up. Places like Cong and CafeID are much more cost efficient to put in long hours of play and still get the social experience that an arcade offers. Some games were also never available outside of Japan on arcade (e.g. VF5FS), so many players gravitated toward home console play.

There’s probably other reasons as well, but with CafeID and Cong, the only place to really consider going for that 100% authentic arcade experience, Green Arcade is about the only place left.

Q. How is online play in Korea?
A. Better than the West, for sure. Korea has one of the best average internet speeds in the world, 100MBPS download and upload speeds are not uncommon, and they have good pings with Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The caliber of play will be better than in the west, and the netcode for SF4 functions better than in the west. Marvel netcode is still abysmal here, and I don’t know about any other games.

Q. Can I use Korean XBL codes/purchasing with my American account?
A. No. In order to use Korean payment methods, including prepaids, on XBL, you must migrate your account to Korea. There’s a benefit in doing it, in that you can have the payment tacked onto your phone bill balance, and pay all of it together. If that’s not enough of an incentive for you, and you have a way to pay for stuff on Paypal, you’ll be needing to get codes from your native land on eBay, or put a credit card on file that you can purchase points/subscriptions in your home currency with.

Q. GRRR why can’t I find opponents online in Korea?
A. Set your region to Japan. It’s easy to do on Xbox Live, but you’ll literally have to sign up a new account for PSN. Unless you have a Korean national ID card (and I think it has to be a citizen’s card, not a foreign resident card), you can’t get a Korean PSN account. In all honesty, a Japanese account will net you the most players, since nearly everyone in Asia sets theirs to Japan as well. I’m not sure, so don’t quote me on this, but I believe you can change your country to Japan in your Steam profile to ensure you get the Japan flag on USF4. For GGPO no one’s going to care so don’t even bother trying, Korean flags are fine.

Here’s a guide on how to set up a Japanese PSN account:

Q. What about [old/obscure game]? Is there a scene for it here?
A. That’s a tough question, because I don’t know every scene. There used to be Melty Blood being played in Isu, but since the arcade closed, I don’t know where they play anymore. I know there are ST players, but I don’t know where there are cabinets in Korea. I have had a couple players give me their GGPO usernames from here though. There’s apparently a SF2CE scene over here, but I don’t know where they play.

Other games, you really got me. I haven’t heard anything about CVS2 or 3S about here in a LONG time. But BC at Cong has nearly every game you’d want to play if you know someone that will play it with you, and I’ve seen SamsonK and others play 3rd Strike at Cong before, so it’s possible.

Q. What’s the difference between Korean arcade hardware and Japanese? I’ve heard there’s a difference.
A. Japanese sticks have a gate and use springs for resistance. Korean sticks have no gate, and use rubber grommets for resistance. The difference is night and day, and if you play on Korean cabinets, you’ll have an adjustment phase trying to find your diagonals properly. But they are still pretty quality.

Japanese have two button types, Sanwa and Seimitsu. Sanwa have ligh resistance, and you can actually breathe on them and activate the buttons. Seimitsu are still pretty responsive, but far less than Seimitsu. Korean Crown buttons are sort of in the middle, and have a more rubbery feel to them than Sanwa or Seimitsu. Note that I said, rubbery, not cheap. There is a difference.

Some glossary SF terms in Korean (AKA, how to not need help button checking your stick at Cong/ID):

약 (Yak) - Light
중 (Jung) - Medium
강 (Gang) - Strong
펀치 (Peonchee) Punch
킼 (Kik) - Kick
슈파스파 (Syoopa Seupa) - Super Street Fighter 4 (Abbr.)
철권 (Cheol-kwon) - Tekken

I’ll be working on this glossary as we go.

Is it possible to post one last time in the old thread to direct to this one?

…and need more tekken players :frowning:

I can’t believe that in all of Seoul there are no arcades to play AE and in the one place that does have it it’s vanilla? That’s just sad and not what I expected when I came to the country. Even though I’m in Daejeon I was eventually planning on heading down to the Seoul area to check out some good arcades for a little AE action but guess not anymore. Anyway, hope to meet some of you guys in the future or maybe get some games online when I get my PS3.

Great new thread, Corey! Hopefully you come back soon so we can hang again!

@scratchback: Definitely kind of raw that there’s no arcades, but I feel like Cong is a comparable experience, plus, for a lot of foreigners, there’s a major downside to playing in Korean arcades because they have a hard time adjusting to K-sticks.

But some of my fondest gaming memories in Seoul were had at Isu and Cheonho, so it was really sad to walk by Isu arcade and find that it was a Japanese restaurant, and Cheonho’s now vanilla only.

Seems like the last bastion for arcades is Japan, and they’re dying out too. Well, I guess China, but the good arcades over here are few and far between.

Mike, definitely looking to getting back to Seoul for some major gaming sessions.

For anyone that sees this.

I will be at CONG today at around 1:30-2 Swing by and lets play some. :slight_smile:

Anyone going to Capcom Cup this weekend?

Yes. Me, Jason and David will be going.

Really wish I could go, but I have to work today ㅠㅠ.

I forgot about it due to the alcohol… don’t judge me :lol:

GOD if you only knew how far I am from being in a judgmental position.

I blew off going to Cong with Mike in July due to getting so wasted the night before, I was still throwing up at like 2pm the next day.

I’d blame it on the goose but it was more the patron… and the women, but mostly the patron

Mine was drinking soju and vodka with russian women at a guesthouse.

That was…I don’t even know what I was thinking that night. That was like an episode of Good Idea, Bad Idea on Animaniacs.

didn’t even realize that this thread was made. haha there was no link to the new one.

Anyway, cool stuff there is a new thread.

SRK Tag: HaruhiFTW
Location: Daegu
Games Played: 1 hour of AE
Xbox Live Gamertag: HaruhiFTW
PSN Username: N/A
KakaoTalk ID:

I was looking for a place to buy parts, like a sanwa jlf etc… I know its mentioned here to go to etokki.
Does etokki ever plan on re-stocking their omni sticks? Also, do they except maestro as a payment method?

Made an account… only form of payment they take is paypal, so I guess I am out of luck.

They do from time to time. Like every three months or so. Probably the next batch you’ll see is in December.

I just noticed they only except paypal so… Paypal doesn’ accept maestro T.T

Where’s your home bank?

Well in the states I have BECU, but that card expired last year.
In Korea I Bank with KB